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What is Online Survey Software?

Online Survey Software is a dedicated feedback or data collection tool that brings you actionable information through online surveys or forms. Businesses worldwide drive on one pivotal component- data. And, they aim to become customer-centric and feedback-driven to drive success and achieve growth. A survey software helps you accomplish just that. Most online survey software comes with an easy-to-use platform that helps even a novice to create surveys with little effort.

A study conducted by Invesp revealed some crucial statistics. According to the research,

90% of consumers browse reviews before opting for a product

88% of customers trust online reviews as much as individual recommendations.

72% of customers believe a business more which has positive reviews to boast about

These numbers are mighty sufficient to catalyze the decision of opting for the best online survey software for feedback collection. Thus, with survey software, you can listen to the voice of customer, make informed decisions based on market research, conduct routine employee feedback surveys for building a better organization, to name a few.


Create interactive online surveys & accurate responses


Share online surveys with your audience via various channels


Slice and dice the survey data and gather new perspectives


Set up a plan of action based on the inference uncovered

What makes SurveySparrow the best online survey software

There is a lot of free online survey software in the market, and most of them have features that are extremely useful for the business. However, here are a few pointers that will make you switch to SurveySparrow as your online survey software.

Conversational Surveys

The best online survey software like SurveySparrow helps you create conversational surveys that engage with your audience. While you move past boring forms and opt for conversational surveys, you can get a 40% increased response rates. Gather actionable feedback and useful data from your respondents using a simple-to-use survey software that comes with umpteen design flexibility and options. With survey themes, create surveys just like you want. Period.

Get 40% increases survey completion rates using best online survey software’s conversational surveys.

Dashboard & Reports

Online survey software with a powerful reporting module will help you make sense of the data you’ve just collected. Track your surveys with a dedicated dashboard and analyze it response-wise. Apply filters based on question & answer, method of share, respondent details, time period, variable or custom parameter, and get crisper reports. Compare two questions using the cross-tabulation feature and gain richer insights. Export reports as PDF and schedule reports to automatically receive it regularly.

With online survey software, analyze data in detail using dashboard and reports.

White-label Surveys

Your surveys now speak the language of your brand using the white-label feature. Brand your surveys with your logo, color palette, and fonts. Add and share your surveys using custom domain- remove SurveySparrow branding completely. Custom email helps you share highly personalized, fully-customizable, white-labeled email surveys to your audience. CSS-customize surveys to style as per your needs using the best survey software.

Brand your online surveys using white label feature.

Automated Pulse Surveys

Wasting time manually doing tasks that can be automated is foolhardy. Thus, pick an online survey software that comes with the feature to automate your periodic surveys. SurveySparrow’s recurring surveys help to schedule and share surveys at regular intervals. Configure when and how frequently you wish to send them, and forget about it. With this one-time set-up, you can avoid wasting time and effort. Set reminder emails to partial and non-responders to boost your response rates.

Automate your periodic surveys using online survey software’s recurring feature.

Personalized, Smart Surveys

Respondents tend to abandon surveys that pose irrelevant questions at them, for instance, asking tea-related questions to a coffee-lover. The best online survey software helps you build smart surveys using conditional logic branching. With skip logic, you can shift the flow of the survey from one point to another. With display logic, show questions to respondents if only certain conditions are met. For instance, display coffee-related questions if the user is a coffeeholic.

With online survey software’s best features, personalize surveys for your respondents.

How do Online Survey Software Work?

Set Survey Objective

Set clear objectives and outline the survey flow before proceeding with the questions. Avoid covering too many topics that result in an overstuffed survey. Map it out and keep it focused.

Create a Survey

Keep it short and pose only relevant questions to avoid survey fatigue. Customize & personalize it for higher response rates. Keep it engaging and conversational.

Share Survey

Identify the right channel to share surveys. Embed it as a widget, share it via social media, send email surveys, or simply share a web link.

Analyze Results

Slice down the data and gain crucial insights using best online survey software’s reporting module. Understand what’s amiss to improve your business’s functioning.

Take Action

Reach out to your unhappy customers and close the feedback loop, always. Integrate with other business applications like CRM, Helpdesk, and create efficient workflows.

Where is Online Survey Software used?

Online Survey software finds application in multiple cases such as business domain to gather customer feedback or to conduct market research, organizations to collect employee feedback, marketing domain for lead generation, healthcare for patient satisfaction, education field for research purpose, to name a few. This comes as no surprise as businesses, be it any domain, rely heavily on the feedback to better their product & services.

Employee Feedback

To build a better work culture and to keep employees engaged and happy, a survey software comes handy to organizations. Happy employees make customers happier. Run 360-degree feedback surveys for your organization using an online survey software. Conduct regular workplace-health checks using employee pulse surveys. Identify the flaws in the functioning using exit interviews using the best online survey software and improve your workforce and as an organization. An adept survey software can take up the dual-role of an employee feedback software and employee engagement software, efficiently.

Customer Feedback

A company makes products for customers. And, provide their best services for customers, again. Therefore, aligning it with the thoughts & preferences of customers is extremely important. The best way for this is by gathering customer feedback. A survey software can don the cap of customer feedback software and analyze the client's happiness with customer pulse surveys and routine NPS® surveys. Understand customer perceptions, what they like and dislike. Listen to the voice of customers and improve continually.

Campus experience

Even though education isn’t a distinctive domain that needs ‘customer’ feedback, knowing the thoughts of students, teachers, and parents can help them improve the quality of teaching and enhance the facilities offered by the institution. Create student feedback surveys, teacher evaluation surveys, parent satisfaction surveys using a survey software to get this data.

Marketing & lead generation

Survey Software is an indispensable component in the marketing domain. From capturing lead information, embedding contact forms, gathering user feedback, assessing user experience, and so on, online survey software plays a crucial role in business development & enhancement.

Research & thesis

Online survey software are vital components of any research work; be it market research or academic research. When you validate research works with real-life data, the credibility of your thesis enhances. Hence, with survey software, your academic study can be carried out with ease. In addition, market research helps a brand to launch a new product into a market or improve an existing one based on customer insights.

Healthcare feedback

Online survey software finds use in the field of healthcare for collecting patient feedback, doctor feedback, patient registration forms, and the likes. This helps the institution to improve the quality of healthcare services and facilities provided to its patients.

What are the benefits of using a Online Survey Software?

Simply put, an online survey software is so popular because they make life easy for both the survey creator and the survey taker. Let’s look at some facts that make an online survey software tick!


Paper surveys and postal questionnaires take a hefty amount of time when it comes to administration and data collection. The time for printing, distribution, collection, and analysis, that are taken by these traditional methods make online survey software a viable & smart alternative.

Ease of use

The best online survey software are user-friendly which makes it usable for anyone. One can get started with the software quickly and the umpteen design flexibility and customization features make it breezy to make any changes without any hassle.

Reduced costs

Changing anything in your paper surveys imply reprinting the entire batch, at best. This incurs additional costs, not to mention the wastage of time & resources. With paper surveys, you may also need a representative to administer the survey personally. An online survey software negates all these problems. The only cost associated with the software is related to its purchase. If you opt for a free survey software, even that cost is removed from the equation.

Easy to Analyze

Just picture the effort that must go into analyzing and drawing conclusions from a stack of paper forms? It’s even harder when it comes to telephonic surveys where there’s a higher chance of miscommunication. However, the best online survey software provides rich insights and useful reports using its powerful dashboard. The software makes the analysis easier using advanced filters, cross-tabulation, question-wise drill down, and exportable, customized reports.

Quality of Responses

As evident, online survey software provides enriched readability and presentation for surveys, making way for better responses and higher completion rates. Online surveys that are engaging in nature brings in useful data and actionable feedback as opposed to lifeless check-boxes and dull paper backgrounds.


Online survey software bring in a multitude of flexibility. It is possible to tweak and design surveys as per your needs. You can customize the survey to give a personalized feel to each respondent. The mobile-friendly survey forms make it possible for respondents to take the survey at their convenience, via any medium they prefer; email, social media, or simply a text message.

Data Safety

With survey software, the data you collect is safe and secure in a database. There’s a lesser risk of losing data compared to the traditional survey methods.

Online Survey Software has absolutely changed the way surveys are conducted. Most of us would’ve, at some point or the other in our lives taken a survey, giving feedback about a product or brand. Whether it be about the experience at a restaurant or that of using a product, online surveys can target and pick out data that are extremely useful for your business. As a matter of fact, there is so much data mining happening on customer feedback from these online surveys. The software market today is flooded with umpteen online survey software that can cater to the specific of businesses. Pick on that’s only the best.

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