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Customer Feedback Tools Lifecycle

Design and craft highly engaging surveys using Customer Feedback Tool that can help you gauge customer pulse in a blink.

Set clear objectives and expectations for the project

With Customer Feedback Tools, improve the reach and visibility of your surveys.

Utilize all available platforms to maximize the reach of surveys

Customer Feedback Tools help you slice and dice survey results to gain crucial insights.

Gain inestimable insights from survey results

Based on the insights Customer Feedback Tool provides, chart out a well-structured plan of action for your business.

Take actionable measures from insights drawn

Customer Feedback Tools: Overview

Customer Feedback Tools have emerged as powerful data centers that can fetch customer feedback from multiple touch-points with utmost elegance. Businesses today, greatly rely upon these Customer Feedback Tools not just to read their customers’ minds, but use it as a platform to look for new product ideas & business opportunities. Do a little research, and you’ll stumble upon umpteen Customer Feedback Tools - from simple, straightforward ones that only collect customer feedback data to sophisticated online survey tools that can slice and dice the collected data and give you some brilliant suggestions as well. Be it vanilla or fully-loaded, Customer Feedback Tools come absolutely handy to business that believes ‘Customer is King’ and ‘Customer Feedback is Everything’ that dictates the sustainability of their business. Long story short, Customer Feedback Tools are the breakfast for champion businesses. And that, you cannot deny!

How to Employ Customer Feedback Tool

With four steps and a great customer feedback tool by your side, you can effortlessly build & scale a flawless customer feedback program.

Working Process of Customer Feedback Tool
Define the Goal

Don’t wander aimlessly with survey that has vague questions and can easily put-off your customers. Clearly state the purpose of what you wish to find out before crafting up the survey.

Identify the Feedback Collection Technique

Once you have set your objectives, it’s time to pick which feedback collection technique you must employ to get the highest survey completion rate.

  • NPS
  • Email Survey
  • Questionnaires
  • Feedback Widget
  • Embed Surveys
  • Social Share
  • It’s best to pick a customer feedback tool that supports the various techniques mentioned. More the merrier!

    Analyze Feedback

    Once you get the survey data in hand, utilize your customer feedback tool to gain crucial insights which you wanted to uncover.

    Take Action

    Your customer feedback tool has done its part, and now it’s your turn. Carefully draft out a structured plan of action to tackle any obstacles you have discovered.

Wowsome Customer Feedback Tool Ingredients

Collecting feedback is simple. Handling feedback isn’t.

Customer Feedback Tools supply you with all the key data to improve your business, and also offer the scope for improving your product/service to best cater to your customer needs. The DNA of most customer feedback tools remains the same. Although this might seem quite straightforward, there’s more to collecting feedback from your customers. Consider someone asking you to fill up a feedback form with endless questions to answer. Frowning your brows or shrugging your shoulders already?

The hard truth is no one likes to take surveys, and that includes your beloved customers too. So how can you improve this survey taking experience for your customers? Here are a few pointers that can help!

With Customer Feedback Tools, create engaging surveys that can provide refreshing experience to users.
Spice up Your Surveys

You just can’t slap 10-15 questions on your customer’s face and expect them to complete the survey for you. So how to overcome this feedback burden? Think like your Customer! Make your customer feedback surveys interesting. Opt for a conversational format just like a messaging platform. With a such an environment, your customers will not feel burdened to give feedback, and the result? Crisp, honest, accurate (and what not!) feedback in your basket!

Customer Feedback Tools help to create smart surveys that'll pose only relevant questions to respondents.
Know What, When & How to ask

Imagine asking a Gryffindor student feedback about Slytherin house. A bit ill-advised, isn't it? Yes, your customers think likewise when they are asked the wrong questions. Your customer feedback tool should allow you to choose your survey audience. Quite a few customer feedback tools, in fact, offer question Display logic, Skip Logic and Branching options to achieve this. That is, first you ask to which house the student belongs & then proceed with the survey.

Customer Feedback Tool helps you stay in touch with your customers to engage with them better.
Roleplay XBox’s ‘Elite Tweet Fleet’

Xbox holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Responsive Brand on Twitter” with a dynamic customer support team. Follow your customers at all your customer touchpoints. Don’t stalk them but just be available. Know what can help you best with this? Customer Feedback Tools. Check if the Customer Feedback Tools offers Email Surveys, NPS, Questionnaires, Feedback Widget, Embed Surveys & Social Share options.

Customer Feedback Tool that offers immense flexibility to users is a sure-pick any day.
Flexibility is thy Middle Name

Gone are the days of thrusting paper questionnaires at your audience and breathing over their necks until they finish it. This is where a good customer feedback tool comes in handy! Your customer feedback tool must offer immense flexibility for any customer. To be more precise, the customer feedback tool must spell out ‘Feedback Anyplace, Anytime.’ A flatlining Internet connection with crawling speed? Switch from online to offline surveys. Pick a customer feedback tool which can make this swerve smoothly.

Customer Feedback Tools that can connect with existing software and blend in with the ecosystem.
Blend in

A great customer feedback tool must be capable to hold hands and work with the existing bunch of software the business might be already using. A customer feedback tool must be integrable with a host of other software in order to build and channelize a proper workflow. Make sure to bag one such customer feedback tool!

Choosing the Right Customer Feedback Tool

The choice is hard; we get it.

So here are some tips that’ll help you zero in on one of the best Customer Feedback Tools.

Engaging Surveys

Golden rule 1 is to say goodbye to mundane surveys and start creating engaging ones. If your customer feedback tool spells ‘boring surveys’ it’s time to cut the cord.

Surveys Anywhere, Anytime

Can your customer feedback tool help you share your questionnaires across different platforms? Or are you stuck with a single weblink to share your surveys everywhere, coupled with a sloppy email-share method? A big No-No! Pick a customer feedback tool that can allow your customers to take the survey according to their convenience.

Automated Pulse Surveys

Still sending out feedback surveys manually using your customer feedback tool? It’s the tec-era where everything is automated. So perhaps, it’s time to change your customer feedback tool!

Survey Analysis & Reports

Does your customer feedback tool give you the same scene as a bunch of paper questionnaires with scattered answers or, an excel sheet with chunks of data? It’s time to bid adieu to such a customer feedback tool then. If you are unable to gain in-depth insights from survey responses, then the tool you have in hand is nothing but a white elephant.

Not sure yet? Well, we understand that there is no one size fits all scenario when it comes to choosing a customer feedback tool. Our Customer Experts have crafted some questions to understand your requirements and business better. Let us know, and we’ll suggest the best Customer Feedback Tool for your business even if it’s our competitor. Allow us to do some good karma!



SurveySparrow as Your Customer Feedback Tool

Wish to know why SurveySparrow tops the list of the customer feedback tool you mustn’t miss? Here’s why:

Dual UI platform

SurveySparrow is the world’s only multi-format survey platform that is one of a kind making it the best customer feedback tool. With chat-like surveys and conversational forms as well, you can achieve up to 40% higher survey completion rates. This is Golden Rule 1 when it comes to collecting customer feedback.

Target Your Audience

The ability to segment your audience is a smart feature you must look for in a customer feedback tool. In this manner, you can send the relevant surveys to a particular group of audience. With SurveySparrow, you can create custom lists to sort your audience since targeting the right audience is crucial when it comes to customer feedback collection.

Platforms to Share

With SurveySparrow, you can share your surveys across different platforms like Emails, Unique Weblinks, Social Media and even embed a survey in a website. You can create unique weblinks which can be shared across any channel and the catch? You can pinpoint which channel has brought you, maximum responses. Isn’t that something you would want your customer feedback tool to do?

Rich Dashboard to Analyze

Bar graphs, histograms, pie-charts, you name it we have it! With a whip-smart dashboard in hand, gathering insights from your survey results is no longer a task you need to dread! Be wise and pick a smart customer feedback tool like SurveySparrow.

Integrate & Relax

SurveySparrow fits anywhere you wish to plug us. With Webhooks and Zapier integration, you can integrate us with any software out there. Watch your tasks flowing smoothly and fully automated! Now you know why you must pick SurveySparrow as your customer feedback tool!

Templates Collection

After thorough research, we have rounded up the most sought-after templates loaded with the best questions capable of fetching you precise feedback. Here are some templates that will help you kickstart feedback collection from your beloved customers.

Customers are like the Sun in the Solar system, everything around a business must revolve around them. So it comes as no surprise that having a good customer feedback tool in hand is merely insufficient. You must bag the best customer feedback tool out there!

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