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Top 12 Google Forms Alternatives of 2023

Kate Williams

18 August 2023

17 min read

Hunting for a Google Forms Alternative? Sit back and relax, because your search ends here.

Google Forms is free, easy to use, and a lot of other things, but lacks powerful features that other modern survey software offer. With a powerful alternative to Google Forms at your disposal, the possibilities are limitless – create engaging surveys, use vibrant templates, conduct polls & quizzes, and a lot more!

Before we delve into the list of alternatives to google forms, let us understand what you need to keep in mind while looking for an alternative.

What to look for in a Google Forms Alternative?

Why Do You Need It? Think about why you’re making a form. Is it a survey, sign-up sheet, quiz? Different tools are better for different jobs.

Ease of Usage: Google Forms is pretty simple. Your new tool should be too. You don’t want to spend hours figuring it out.

Customizability: Some tools let you add your own logo or colors. This is great if you want your form to match your style or brand. Google forms offer basic customization features.

Integrations: Maybe you want your form answers to go straight into a spreadsheet or an email list. Check if your new tool can do that. Google Forms can integrate only with G-suite applications.

Data Safety: If you’re asking for personal details, make sure they’re safe. Look for tools that keep data secure.

Data Analysis: After people fill out your form, you’ll want to see their answers. Some tools make this easier with charts or graphs.

Price: Some tools are free. Others aren’t. Make sure you’re okay with the cost. Google Forms is totally free.

Team Collaboration Features: If you’re not working alone, pick a tool that lets everyone chip in. Google Forms is easy to share and collaborate on.

Accessibility: Your tool should work for everyone, even if they have disabilities.

Mobile-friendly: Lots of people use phones these days. Make sure your form looks good on them.

Offline Usage: This is cool if you’re in a place with bad internet. People can fill out your form and send it later. Google Forms needs the internet.

Add Photos or Videos: Some forms let people add pictures or clips. Think if you need that.

Customer Support: Everyone gets stuck sometimes. A good tool will have a help button or a place to ask questions.


Along with the factors mentioned above, you must also understand a few shortcomings of google forms, like the ones mentioned below,

Same Features: Google Forms offers the same features, regardless of your Google subscription.

Limited Design: You can change some colors and themes in Google Forms, but customization is basic.

Basic Analysis: Google Forms gives simple results. For deep analysis, you might need more.

No Payments: You can’t take payments directly with Google Forms.

Simple Logic: Google Forms has basic conditional questions, which might not be enough for complex surveys.

If you’re using Google Forms for long, you probably know all these shortcomings. So, considering all the aspects mentioned above, we have compiled the perfect options to choose from as your Google Forms alternatives

So, here are some of the best Google Forms alternatives of 2023.

12 Best Google Forms Alternatives of 2023

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. SoGoSurvey
  3. SurveyMonkey
  4. Typeform
  5. Alchemer (Previously SurveyGizmo)
  6. Qualtrics
  7. Pabbly
  8. Microsoft Forms
  9. ClickUp
  10. SurveyPlanet
  11. Formstack
  12. Zoho Survey

1. SurveySparrow – Conversational Forms

SurveySparrow - A conversational form builder - best alternative to google forms
Create beautiful forms and questionnaire with SurveySparrow

Our report-savvy dashboard and smart surveys ensure that SurveySparrow is the best Google Forms alternative out there. When it comes to carrying out efficient surveys for your customer, employee, or potential leads, SurveySparrow does a better job than Google Forms. Don’t trust our words; our advanced features speak for themselves. 

Key Features

  • Drag and Drop: Rearranging questions is easy with SurveySparrow’s nocode form builder. Drag and drop to rearrange your questions on the left side easily using the cursor.
  • Conversational Surveys: SurveySparrow is famous for creating conversational surveys that build engagement. Engaging surveys can increase the response rates up to 40%, you know.
  • Dashboard & Reports:  A powerful online survey software should have a reporting module to collect data efficiently. With SurveySparrow, you can easily track and analyze surveys. You can also add filters based on the methods of share, question answers respondent details, and gather insightful reports.
SurveySparrow's Executive Dashboard
SurveySparrow’s Executive Dashboard
  • Data Security:  With features like encrypted surveys, you don’t have to worry about security while collecting data. The SSL helps to build safe connections, custom domain, and secure surveys. 
  • White-Label Surveys: You can reflect your brand’s identity with a white-label survey feature available with SurveySparrow. Brandify your surveys with colour, logo, and fonts. So basically, you can customize surveys to style as per your expectations, and isn’t that cool! 
  • NPS Surveys: Roll out NPS surveys and check how much your customers love your brand.
  • Automated Pulse Surveys: Why work hard to create surveys when you can automate the process easier? SurveySparrow’s online survey software helps you automate the process of recurring and periodic surveys. With one time set up, you can schedule how frequently you wish to send surveys without investing much time and effort.
  • Create Forms with AI: Accelerate your form creation process with our AI-powered form builder. Just a prompt, and you’re done! Say goodbye to manual form building and hello to efficiency.

This alternative to Google Forms is known for providing an excellent experience to customers and employees. With SurveySparrow, you can collect insightful real-time data, conduct engaging market research, and bring out the best possible results with the help of advanced analytics. 

On top of that, you can integrate SurveySparrow’s software with platforms like Hubspot, Slack,, Asana, Rybbon, Stripe, Salesforce, to name a few. 


  • With 10 plans ranging from Basic (starting at $19/month) to Platform, SurveySparrow has pricing for different needs and budgets.
  • SurveySparrow also provides a Forever Free plan with limited features and a free trial for testing the product. Sign up below to try it out.

2. SoGoSurvey – Forms with advanced question types

SoGo Survey - Google forms alternative for comprehensive Survey
Image Source – SoGoSurvey Home Page

SoGoSurvey is a popular survey software that can very well be one of Google Forms alternatives. It helps you choose from multiple themes and survey templates. You can even customize the surveys based on your brand’s voice and preferences.

Let us quickly run down some of its key features.

Key Features

Advanced Form Types: Provides more diverse and complex form types, such as matrix grid, NPS, and ranking questions. In contrast, Google Forms offers a more basic set of question types.

Conditional Logic: Allows you to implement conditional logic in your forms, creating a dynamic and personalized experience for respondents. Google Forms lacks this feature.

Real-time Data Insights: Provides real-time reporting and analytics, allowing you to access form responses instantly and gain actionable insights. Google Forms may have some basic reporting features, but it lacks the real-time aspect.

Offline Form Mode: Enables respondents to fill out forms without an internet connection, which can be valuable in certain scenarios. Google Forms requires an internet connection to use.

If you face any difficulties while using this software, you can count on their 24/7 customer support team.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 based on 70+ reviews


The basic plan is free for life. Includes 15 forms, 30 questions per form, and 110 responses per form. It offers all basic question types.

For unlimited forms, responses, and questions you’ll need to go for paid plans which start at $25 per month.

3. SurveyMonkey – Most popular form creator

SurveyMonkey - one of the most popular Google Forms Alternatives
Image Source – SurveyMonkey Home Page

SurveyMonkey is probably the most popular online form creator software on this list. This alternative to Google Forms lets you create 15 different kinds of questions with this software. From multiple-choice questions to the open-ended question, SurveyMonkey has some great features.

Key Features

Mobile App: SurveyMonkey’s mobile app allows users to create and manage forms on the go, providing flexibility and accessibility for survey administration.

AI-Driven Forms Suggestions: Utilizes AI to provide question suggestions based on the user’s survey topic, streamlining the survey design process. Google Forms lacks this feature.

Powerful Reporting: Offers advanced reporting features with graphical analysis, ready to export to PowerPoint and Word, whereas Google Forms’ reporting capabilities are more basic.

Question Types: SurveyMonkey supports a broader range of question types, including matrix and advanced options, while Google Forms has a more basic set of question types.

The analytics they provide are extremely deep and suitable if you’re looking for some market research with your forms or surveys, but they come with a premium price also.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 based on 18k+ reviews


Basic Plan: FREE -Allows users to create and distribute forms with basic features. It’s suitable for simple requirements and can be used indefinitely without any cost.

For using advanced features, their lowest plan would cost you around $11 per user per month if you’re opting for a standard plan, and close to $67 per month if you’re going for a premier plan. 

4. Typeform – Interactive and visually appealing forms

Typeform - alternative of google form - interactive and visually appealing forms
Image Source – Typeform Home Page

Typeform believes surveys should include three things- easy, appealing, and human. Unlike other alternatives to Google Forms, the interface of this software is attractive, and it has some valuable features to take engaging surveys. Some of which are:

Key Features

Interactive and conversational design: Provides a more engaging and conversational user experience compared to the traditional question-and-answer format of Google Forms. It uses a one-question-per-page approach with visually appealing elements, making it more interactive and enjoyable for respondents.

Sharing and Distribution: Makes sharing forms easy via email, social media, or embedding them into websites or blogs. Google Forms also allows easy sharing through links and email, but embedding might be more limited.

Respondent-Friendly Experience: Offers an enjoyable and user-friendly experience for respondents, potentially leading to higher completion rates. Google Forms provides a straightforward experience.

Hidden Fields: Pre-fill certain information or track data without showing them to respondents. Google Forms has a more complicated process called pre-filled URL.

White Labeling: Paid plans provide white-labeling options, enabling you to remove Typeform branding and add your own branding for a professional touch. Google Forms lacks this feature.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 based on 600+ reviews


The Free plan allows users to create interactive forms with basic features at no cost. With the Free plan, you can receive up to 100 responses per month. There is no restriction on the total number of typeforms you can create. The paid plans start from $25/month.

Here’s a more detailed comparison – Typeform vs GoogleForms | A Detailed Comparison

5. Alchemer Survey – Enterprise-level capabilities

Alchemer - enterprise-level alternative to google forms
Image Source – Alchemer Home Page

Alchemer (Previously SurveyGizmo) has a set of amazing features, and there are too many of them! This Google Form alternative changed its brand name to Alchemer to focus more on the experience management section. These features listed below might give you an idea as to why this software made it into our list of Google Forms alternatives. 

Key Features

Advanced Features: Provides a more extensive set of features and customization options compared to Google Forms. This includes advanced question types, branching logic, and custom branding options.

Integration: Integrates with a variety of third-party applications and services, expanding its usability across different business systems. On the other hand, Google Forms can only integrate with Google services like Google Sheets for data collection and analysis.

Form Design: Allows for more sophisticated form design with customizable themes and layouts, providing a professional and branded appearance.

Advanced-Data Analysis: Alchemer provides powerful data analysis and reporting features. It allows you to create custom reports, cross-tabulations, and charts to gain deeper insights into the collected data. Google Forms is limited to basic data analysis like summarizing and visualizing responses.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 based on 870+ reviews


Alchemer does not offer a free plan. Their paid plans start from $55.00, named Collaborator License. This license allows simple polls and surveys with unlimited surveys, questions, and responses at no extra charge, along with essential question types and data exports.

6. Qualtrics – Robust platform for enterprises

Alchemer - experience management platform - Google Forms alternative
Image Source – Qualtrics

Based on the research, Qualtrics would in no way fail to make this list of the top alternatives to Google Forms. It provides great value to its customers in recent times. They are a touch different from all the others in this list because of their ‘Research’ focused solutions, but they’re bringing the right results from it. Here are some of the features of Qualtrics. 

Key Features

Collaboration and Teamwork: Unlike Google Forms, the alternative allows easy sharing of forms with team members, assigning roles, and managing permissions. This fosters seamless teamwork and enables tracking of changes made by team members.

Website Intercepts: While Google Forms mainly serves as a standalone form tool, Qualtircs excels in engaging website visitors. It enables the display of targeted forms or messages at specific touchpoints, like arrival on the site, navigation to certain pages, or based on user behaviors. This enhances user interaction and increases form submissions.

In-App Embed: Seamlessly integrates forms and input prompts within mobile applications. This feature facilitates gathering data from app users at specific points in their app journey, providing a more tailored and context-sensitive experience. Google Forms lacks this feature.

Interactive Dashboard: Offers a more advanced dashboard with the ability to drill down into specific data points by clicking on graphs. This interactive feature allows users to view individual form responses associated with the data, providing a granular view of participant inputs, which Google Forms lacks.

TextIQ: Another key advantage over Google Forms is the TextIQ feature. It employs advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of open-text data. Users can gain insights into key themes, sentiments, and topics that matter most in the submitted forms, offering a deeper level of analysis not available with Google Forms.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 based on 500+ reviews


With Qualtrics’ free plan you get access to 3 active surveys, 8 question types, 500 responses/survey, 30 questions per survey
For paid plans, you’ll need to contact and get a quote.

Here’s a more detailed comparison – Qualtrics vs Google Forms: Which Is Right for You?

7. Pabbly – An affordable form builder

Pabbly - one of the most affordable google forms alternatives
Image Source – Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly is another online form builder that’s making good headways with its offerings. It has a drag-and-drop feature that lets you create an interactive and fully functional form or survey in just minutes! One common thing between Pabbly form builder and Google Forms is that they both are supported by their own suite of products. Other than this, here are some of its features that make it one of the closest google forms alternatives,

Key Features

Form Customization: Offers extensive customization options to match brand style, whereas google forms supports only limited customization options.

Automation: With Pabbly Connect, you can take advantage of advanced workflow automation capabilities, allowing you to create intricate and automated processes between your forms and various third-party applications. Google Forms offers basic automation through Google Workspace.

Subscription Management: Designed for businesses that handle recurring billing and subscription management, making it suitable for subscription-based models.

Email Marketing Integration: Offers built-in email marketing capabilities, allowing users to create and manage email campaigns alongside forms.

Email Verification: Helps maintain a clean email list by verifying and removing invalid or risky email addresses.

No Reviews on G2, but it is rated 4.1 on


This google forms alternative does not come with any free plan. But their paid plans are very competitive, and the lowest one starts at $5 per month.

8. Microsoft Forms – Best for Microsoft users

microsoft-forms - free google forms alternative
Image Source – Microsoft Forms Home Page

Yes, Microsoft also has a form-building tool that is completely free! It’s almost similar to Google Forms in most aspects.

Integration: Like Google Forms can integrate with Google Workspace, Microsoft Forms integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office applications like Excel and OneDrive.

Collaboration: Both Microsoft Forms and Google Forms offer real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on a form simultaneously.

Conditional Logics: Both Google Forms and Microsoft Forms offer branching logic, that allows users to create dynamic forms that change based on respondents’ previous answers.

Security: Both platforms have security measures in place. Google Forms data is protected using Google’s security infrastructure, and it adheres to Google’s privacy policies. Microsoft Forms data is safeguarded within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Mobile Apps: Both have dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, making it easier for respondents to access and complete forms on their smartphones or tablets.

There is one aspect where Microsoft forms is better than Google Forms. Data analysis.

Since Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool with advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities, users who are already familiar with Excel might find it easier to perform an in-depth analysis of the collected data. Google Sheets is not as feature-rich as Excel.

G2 Rating: 4.4 based on 330+ reviews


Microsoft Forms can be used for free with any Microsoft account. But, if you wish to go for the whole Microsoft suite, it starts at $60/month.

9. ClickUp – Suitable for project management

ClickUp - google form alternative - suitable for data organization
Image Source – Clickup Website

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity app designed to manage everything—from your daily to-dos to complex projects, even your business’ entire workflow. Teams of any size and across industries rely on ClickUp for its fully customizable and highly functional features to start executing their ideas faster—including ClickUp’s Form View to streamline your data-gathering process and turn survey responses into actionable tasks directly in your workspace.

Key Features

Customization and Flexibility: Use a variety of field types, set up conditional logic, and customize the design to match your branding, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases beyond simple surveys. Google Forms provides customization options, they are more limited compared to ClickUp.

Integration with Task Management: Responses from forms can be automatically converted into tasks, allowing you to track and manage tasks directly from the platform. This enhances the efficiency of collecting information and acting upon it. With Google Forms, you would need to manually transfer form responses to a task management system.

Workflow Automation: Set up automation rules to assign tasks, send notifications, create follow-up tasks, and update statuses based on the data collected through forms. This streamline processes and reduces manual intervention. Google Forms doesn’t have built-in automation capabilities beyond basic email notifications.

Collaboration and Communication: Offers extensive collaboration features, including real-time commenting, document sharing, and communication tools. Easily collaborate on responses, share context, and engage in discussions directly within the platform. Google Forms lacks built-in collaboration features.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Create charts, graphs, and custom reports to gain insights from the data collected through forms, make informed decisions, and track trends over time. Google Forms provides basic reporting and analytics features, allowing you to view responses in spreadsheet format and create simple visualizations.


Although you can get access to collaboration features, 100MB of storage, and provision to add unlimited members, tasks, and members with the Free Forever Plan, you can use Form View and even more advanced features with paid plans starting at $7.

10. SurveyPlanet – Suitable for free surveys

Surveyplanet - a google form alternative with customizable themes
Image Source – SurveyPlanet Home Page

If you want no restrictions on the number of responses in your surveys, SurveyPlanet is your answer. It might not have the best interactive or analytical features available with other tools on this list, but if your aim is to collect lots of data, they do the job for you.

Key Features

Advanced Question Types and Logic: Variety of advanced question types, including image-based questions, sliders, and ranking scales. It also supports skip logic and branching, enabling you to create more complex and tailored survey experiences. Google Forms may not provide the same level of complexity and variety in question types.

Customizable Thank-You Pages: Create custom thank-you pages that respondents see after completing a survey. This feature can be used to provide additional information, promotions, or links, enhancing post-survey engagement.

Interactive Polls: Supports interactive polls, allowing users to gather quick opinions and votes on specific topics. Google Forms can be adapted for polling purposes, but the interactivity might not be as specialized as in SurveyPlanet’s polling feature.

Interactive Elements: Allows you to add interactive elements to your surveys, such as images, videos, and animated GIFs. This can help engage respondents and enhance the overall survey experience. Google Forms supports adding images and videos, but the interactivity might not be as dynamic as what SurveyPlanet offers.

G2 Rating: 4.1/5 based on 20+ reviews


Surveyplanet offer unlimited surveys, survey questions, and unlimited responses in their free plan. But for advanced features like white label, custom themes, and question branching you’ll have to opt for paid pans which start from $20

11. Formstack – Advanced form builder for building complex forms

Formstack - an alternative of google form for data collection
Image Source – Formstack Home Page

Formstack is one of the best free alternatives to Google Forms, as apart from all the similar features, it’s their interactive dashboard that truly stands out. You get a dynamic dashboard and team collaboration option which makes your survey creation journey smoother, and all this is completely free!

Key Features

Form Building Features: Provides conditional logic, calculations, and custom scripting. Create highly tailored and dynamic forms that adapt to user responses, providing a more engaging and efficient form-filling experience.

Security and Compliance: Supports features like data encryption and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR. Google Forms provides only basic security measures. So, Formstack’s specialized features might be preferable for industries requiring strict data security and compliance.

Offline Form Submission: Offers offline form submission capabilities through its mobile app, allowing users to collect data even when not connected to the internet. This is valuable for fieldwork and situations with unreliable connectivity. Google Forms primarily relies on an internet connection for form submissions.

Smart Lists: Automatically segment form respondents into different categories based on their answers to certain questions. This segmentation could then be used for personalized email marketing campaigns, notifications, or other forms of engagement. Google Forms doesn’t have any in-built feature like this.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 based on 370+ reviews


Apart from a 14-day free trail, their form builder comes with a paid plan of $50 per month. With other higher prized plans, you can access their other features.

12. Zoho Survey – Suitable for Zoho users

Zoho Survey - best google form alternative for zoho users
Image Source – Zoho Survey Website

If you want to have variety in your surveys and don’t want to spend money on it, Zoho Survey would do the job for you. You get 25 different question varieties to choose from here, and you can send unlimited surveys in the free plan itself. We think you should definitely check this out.

Key Features

Integration with Zoho Suite: Seamlessly integrate other Zoho products for your business, such as Zoho CRM or Zoho Campaigns, and streamline your data and workflows.

Offline Forms: The mobile app allows users to fill out forms even when they’re offline. The data is then synced when an internet connection is available. This can be useful for fieldwork or events where connectivity might be limited. For using Google Forms, an active internet connection is a must.

Multi-Page Forms: Provides more customization options for page breaks and the organization of multi-page forms. This feature enhances the user experience, especially for longer forms. Google Forms also supports multi-page forms, but the options are more limited.

Payment Integration: Includes built-in payment integration with various payment gateways, enabling users to create forms that collect payments seamlessly for events, products, or services. Google Forms does not have native payment integration. You’ll need to rely on third-party tools or workarounds to collect payments through forms.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 based on 100+ reviews


The BASIC plan, priced at $7 per month billed annually, includes 1 user, unlimited forms, 10,000 submissions per month, payment integration, and 500 MB storage. For more features, you can go for standard, professional or premium plans.

Must-Have Features for a Good Online Form Builder 

When it comes to conducting surveys, forms, polls, or quizzes that can make a difference, the software needs to be really powerful, smart, and easy to use at the same time. Plus, adapting the surveys based on different business problems is a major requirement for any efficient online survey software. And this is where SurveySparrow hits the ground running. It’s not just an NPS platform; rather, it’s a complete solution provider to all your survey needs. 

So, If you’re thinking of going with SurveySparrow for your next survey, here’s how it’ll make your life easier and bring the right results:

  • Omnichannel Feedback: With SurveySparrow, you can get omnichannel feedback and support. It means your surveys will have a presence on every channel. So, you can share your surveys via Facebook, Twitter, embedded options, and scannable QR code.
  • Seamless Survey Experience: With its engaging and beautiful survey templates, you can easily and quickly make the survey-taking experience fun. Here’s a hotel reservation survey created using SurveySparrow.
  • Dual Interface: SurveySparrow offers two different interfaces, chat-like surveys and conversational forms. You’ll get a messaging experience with the chat-like interface.
  • Various Question Types: The survey software comes with 11 different question types like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Open-ended questions, Picture choice, Rating, Opinion scale, Matrix type, the famous NPS type, and 4 others!
  • Market-Research Tools: This is where our team has worked extremely hard on. It’s a part of our vision to provide the best tools and analytics options that can help you make a well-informed decision.

You know, you should just go and sign-up for our 14 days free trial to get all these and much more features at your disposal. Explore as much as you want, and then if you decide to join forces with us, you’ll not get disappointed! 

Now, you’ve kept the patience to read till here, and it’s time I reward you with a Bonus section before wrapping up. 

Here you go, then. It’s all yours. 

Wrapping it up… 

It’s hard to ignore what Google Forms bring to the table with its free and unlimited surveys, but there’s very little about Google survey tools’ features that help it to stay above the competition. The survey software we discussed are way more advanced and suitable for your survey campaigns.

That being said, we all know that one size doesn’t fit all. A business like yours is also very different from your competition and, a unique business requires unique solutions on all fronts, even with your surveys. So, we would suggest you try and test all these software to find out the best fit for you. But if SurveySparrow is your choice, rest assured, we’ll deliver the results you’re expecting with your Online surveys. 

Till then, keep asking the right questions! 


Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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