Get in-depth analysis of your surveys

Gain Rich Insights

The SurveySparrow dashboard comes with rich analytics which shows how your survey performs. The reporting module helps you analyze the feedback at each question level and improve customer or employee experience.

View survey analysis on dashboard

Everything at a Glance

Get a full picture of your entire survey at a single glance of the dashboard. Skim through the insights to find the number of visits to your survey page, how many people completed the survey, what’s the completion rate, and the average time respondents spent to complete your survey.

Analyze at Question-level

Find detailed information of responses and questions of your survey without leaving the platform. You can scroll down, go through each question, and analyze responses to gather valuable insights.

View survey analysis at question-level
Get in-depth insights of your surveys

Get In-depth Insights

Mine into even more in-depth insights! You can get the details like the IP address of your respondents, the time they initiated and finished the survey in addition to all the questions & responses in a table format. Further, you can download responses in either CSV or Excel file format to dive deeper into the insights.

View Reports in Real-time

Why wait? SurveySparrow lets you view survey responses in real-time. All you have to do is land on the reports dashboard and run through the responses, which get updated in real-time.

View survey reports in real-time
Get email notification when someone completes the survey

Get Notified Via Email

You don’t even have to log in to your Dashboard to know how people responded to your surveys. With Email Notification, you will get an instant notification to your inbox when someone hits the finish button on your surveys.

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