Conversational Form

Easily design, analyze and provide surveys with conversational features. Let your audience decide what they want to say. The power of engagement is now at your fingertips.

Create conversational surveys that get people talking

Conduct highly personalized surveys

Customize and style your surveys to be pixel-perfect with CSS white-labeling. Piping and variables help respondents answer multiple questions with a single response. Create mathematical formulae using expressions to display final results on the Thank You page.

Pick from 30+ question types

Transform your survey into a matrix type, a rank order, opinion scale, constant sum, file upload and more. SurveySparrow offers a wide selection of question types that match your needs. Collect data creatively with the ability to add images, videos, gifs and more!

Voice Transcription

Instantly transcribe spoken survey responses to text. Voice transcription saves respondents both time and effort with every long-form, improving completion rates. Get the accurate insights you were after about your respondents’ opinions and sentiments, be it positive or negative.

Create multilingual surveys

Choose from 70+ languages and translate your conversational feedback to understand better what global respondents think. Customize everything from buttons to the welcome message in the language of your choice. Download the files, translate, and upload them back again. All sorted in one place for easy reference.

A myriad of templates

Instantly begin data collection with SurveySparrow's conversational form builder by choosing from 600+ survey templates. With meticulously researched and carefully crafted questions, you can easily create and share surveys in a blink.

Cut to the chase with logic branching

Ask respondents only relevant questions using Skip & Display Logics. All remaining questions are skipped or hidden. Personalize surveys for each respondent using features like Question Piping, Custom Params, Contact Params and variables.

Close the feedback loop.

Case management allows you to create a customized strategy for sorting and prioritizing responses. For a better and more polished experience, SurveySparrow’s automation allows you to simply assign tasks, track their progress, and build solutions.

Make sense of the data received.

Customize the executive dashboard according to your desired preferences. With multiple chart types in place, including vertical bar charts, stacked charts, journey charts, line charts, and so on, you can easily visualize your customer's survey data from any angle.

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