Track responses from multiple survey projects.

Track all survey responses

Too many responses? No worries! Tracking responses from multiple survey projects is easy with Zenkit’s state-of-the-art in-built system. Escape the clutches of chaotic spreadsheets by creating custom views for specific tasks.

Create new Zenkit contacts

With Zenkit survey integration, automatically add new contacts to your Zenkit database on submission of new survey responses. This saves you the time and effort of manually adding each and every new response to Zenkit.

Automatically create new contacts on receiving survey responses.
Resolve customer issues instantly after receiving feedback from surveys.

Address Customer Issues

Provide your customers with the belief that they are acknowledged. Close the feedback loop by instantly creating a task after every survey response, so that no issue goes unresolved. With SurveySparrow's CSAT and NPS surveys, collect feedback efficiently and resolve those issues in a jiffy!

Build a Better Workplace

Automate the delivery of feedback surveys after project completions and meetings to increase employee engagement. With SurveySparrow's Employee Engagement Surveys, keep yourself regularly updated with the levels of satisfaction in the workplace!

Automate the delivery of feedback surveys after project completions.

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