with MailChimp integration, update contact list with new users

Update subscriber list with new users

When a user fills out a survey, update your subscriber list in MailChimp. Keep track of your subscribers easily with MailChimp survey integration and with each new submission for your survey, add or update the contact to your MailChimp list.

Nurture your users with periodic feedback collection

Keep your active and passive users constantly engaged by sending out periodic surveys. MailChimp survey integration helps you send out personalized surveys to your subscribers and collect feedback to take actionable measures.

Collect feedback periodically with MailChimp survey integration
Create and add tags with MailChimp survey integration

Create and add tags in MailChimp

MailChimp survey integration helps you create and add tags in MailChimp based on the survey responses. Group your audience with ease & utilize the custom tags for sending personalized emails to your users.

Create lists by survey activity

There would be users who viewed, started & completed your survey. Use this information to classify the subscribers in the MailChimp list. In this manner, MailChimp survey integration aids you to identify the number of people who have responded to your survey. Send emails to partial responders and non-responders, reminding them to complete the surveys!

Create and Add lists using survey responses

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