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What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is a great email service provider for sending automated messages based on user interactions.

It has an easy-to-use campaign builder and dedicated transactional section where you can automate and schedule reminders or confirmation emails after your customer signs up.

Sendinblue email marketing platform has excellent features like email delivery, SMS campaign management and powerful tools such as Facebook Chat and CRM for contact details management with full tracking capabilities, so you know exactly where your leads come from.

Why do I need a Sendinblue account?

It is an extremely powerful bulk email service provider that allows you to send personalized email campaigns and SMS text messages from your Sendinblue Dashboard.

Sendinblue Survey Integration

By adding a survey on your website integrated with Sendinblue, you can enable visitors to subscribe to your website's updates and also, you will be able to send an email notification to all of your subscribers when you publish new content using Sendinblue automation.

Sendinblue Integrations

Integrate with over 1000 applications using Sendinblue Zapier Integration so that you can use it together with all your apps, including SurveySparrow.

Sendinblue webhook and api also lets you connect to third-party apps apart from integrations through Zapier to capture contacts, send emails and get statistics.

Sendinblue Ratings

Sendinblue is a great tool with top-notch features. It's perfect for any online business with an email list, but you need to know that this app can be quite overwhelming at first. It is rated 4.5 on G2.

Sendinblue Features

Sendinblue has several powerful tools to help you automate your email campaigns and give you full control over your contacts list.

It comes with a user-friendly Campaign Builder which allows you to design engaging email templates or SMS text messages with a simple drag and drop editor, a dedicated Transactional section where you can send personalized welcome emails by setting up the conditions that will trigger the message; password reset reminders or confirmation emails after sign up.

Sendinblue HTML editor helps you customize the look and feel of your messages.

Plus, you can preview them online before sending newsletters, mass mailing or even SMS text messages. That is a very useful feature as you can see how your messages will look before they are sent out to the world.

Sendinblue Survey Integration: Use Cases

Sendinblue survey integration lets you take your email marketing game a notch up higher. Add subscribers from survey responses and trigger a survey when a new campaign is created or when a new subscriber is added.

Add subscribers from survey responses

Add subscribers in Sendinblue from survey responses. Update your subscribers' list on the go with Sendinblue survey integration.

Trigger a survey when a new campaign is created

Trigger a survey when a new campaign is created in Sendinblue. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns from the feedback received and create more compelling campaigns with Sendinblue survey integration.

Trigger a survey when a new subsciber is added

Trigger a survey when a new subscriber is added in Sendinblue. Send targeted surveys to new customers and offer special discounts to boost customer engagement.

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