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AWeber is a simple and powerful email marketing software that helps you build your email lists, send emails and connect with your audience quickly.

AWeber Survey Integration: Use Cases

Manage your subscribers efficiently and collect valuable feedback from them. Segment your audience with ease, and send targeted campaigns to segmented subscribers with AWeber integration with SurveySparrow!

Collect Subscriber details from survey responses

Map survey questions to their corresponding fields in AWeber and update your subscribers' details. Whether it's the contact information of new leads or CSAT scores from customers, collect subscriber data easily with AWeber survey integration.

Update Subscribers’ list on receiving survey submissions

Update your subscriber list in AWeber on receiving survey submissions. Automate the process of creating new subscribers and save yourself the trouble of adding each new contact with AWeber survey integration.

Create and add tags in AWeber

Create and add tags in AWeber based on survey responses. With AWeber survey integration, segment your audience efficiently, and create custom tags to send personalized emails to customers.

Send targeted campaigns to new subscribers

Send targeted campaigns to new subscribers in AWeber on receiving survey submissions. Grab the opportunity to reach out to new customers and send them personalized campaigns for the best experience, with AWeber survey integration. Increase lead generation rates and nurture your leads.

How to set up your AWeber Survey Integration


Connect your SurveySparrow account with AWeber.

Step 1: After creating your form, navigate to Integrate > Integrations.

Step 2: Select AWeber from the list of integrations.

Step 3: Sign in to your AWeber account and enable authorization.

Step 4: After you choose the AWeber contact list to create/update, map your form questions to the corresponding fields in AWeber. Please note that the Email field should be mapped to an email question type as it is a unique field in AWeber.

Step 5: A subscriber is created or updated in your AWeber account after a respondent fills the form. The fields that are mapped get populated with the submission data subsequently.

Step 6: AWeber will send you an email for double opt-in. If the user opts themselves in, they are added to the AWeber subscriber list.