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Why sit on top of responses if you can close the feedback loop the easiest way? Take your business to new heights with our continuous improvement platform.

Here’s a complete bundle of our experience management features.

The all-in-one solution for your business ecosystem

Budding startup or a full-fledged enterprise, our platform caters to businesses of all sizes. Data is for all, and we
bring you closer to the answers you need!

The complete experience bundle, you’ll ever need.

Get higher response rates and quality data with conversational surveys.
Subaccounts &
multiple users

Manage multiple accounts, for different teams in your company, under a single parent account. The subaccounts come with centralized billing. Have a hassle-free checkout.

Single sign-on
for teams

With your organization's credentials login to your account using SSO or single sign-on. Avoid the juggle between multiple credentials and ensure secure login.


Collect feedback from around the globe, in any language, using multilingual surveys. Respondents can choose their preference from the dropdown.


Automate actions based on the survey triggers. When responses clock-in, set conditions, and perform tasks. Configure once and forget.

Conversational. 40% higher responses.
Integrate, automate, get things done.

Executive Dashboard

Create insightful dashboards for your survey data and visualize them the way you love.

With multiple chart types in place, including vertical bar chart, horizontal bar chart, stacked chart, journey chart, line chart, and so on, you can easily create a widget and customize the dashboard according to your preferences.

Best thing? Share these executive dashboards with your team members as a clickable link, run in-depth analysis, know what’s working & what’s not, and brainstorm solutions together!

Executive Dashboard

Ticket Management

Convert all your survey responses into tickets, and close the feedback loop, effortlessly. From generating automated tickets that can be assigned, prioritized, & tracked, to addressing their queries and resolving the issues, Ticket Management lets you close the feedback loop, in real time!

Cherry on the cake? Automate all your survey responses to reach the right team member & drive immediate actions.

Case Management

Bell Curve

Analyse the average score of your subjects concerning competencies.

Know your subject’s potential competency and help them with a personal development plan to analyse the areas where they should focus more effectively.

Slice and dice the competency scores with filters, and add the widget to the dashboard to have a holistic view of all the individual widgets. Download the widgets individually in JPEG & PNG formats.

Bell Curve

Create conversational surveys

Create a survey that’s conversational and brings 40% higher response rates. SurveySparrow comes with chat surveys, conversational forms, NPS® surveys, offline surveys, and 360 feedback surveys. Style it with themes and design every bit: buttons, text, font, questions, answers, and more!

Get higher response rates and quality data with conversational surveys.

Personalize and build
smart surveys

Build smart surveys using conditional logic branching. Skip logic avoids all irrelevant questions based on conditions you set while display logic previews only the question relevant to the respondent. Personalize with Question Piping and customize survey through & through using contact params & variables.

Create personalized, smart surveys with conditional logic branching.

White-label your surveys

White-label your surveys and maintain brand identity. Use CSS to style surveys just the way you want. Employ custom domain to share surveys from your domain and establish trust with respondents. Customize your email surveys and share them with customers. Make surveys truly your own. No hint of SurveySparrow.

Whitelabel and brand your surveys.

Collect omnichannel
feedback easily

Station feedback silos at every touchpoint. Share surveys via email, social media, web links, embedded options, scannable QR code, and email embed. Measure employee pulse using Slack share. Collect data even without the internet in the kiosk mode. Set relational & transactional NPS® triggers to improve customer experience.

Collect data from multiple channels easily.

Real-time Reports & Analysis

Analyze data & gain rich insights with SurveySparrow’s real-time reporting module. Filter responses based on questions, answers, survey share method, degree of completeness, and more! Cross-tabulate responses using Compare feature. Schedule reports to your inbox at any convenient time. Export data as PDF, Excel, SPSS, and peruse offline.

Perform in-depth analysis using detailed reports and advanced filters.

Automation & workflows

Extend capabilities using workflows, APIs, webhooks, and integrations. Connect with your everyday applications, create efficient workflows, and automate business processes. Schedule and automate your periodic surveys using the Recurring feature. Configure once and forget.

Automate your business workflows and get things done.

Data security

Collect data securely with our encrypted online surveys. Secure surveys using SSL, establish safe connections, and secure your custom domain. With IP whitelisting, allow only trusted sources to access surveys. You can password protect your surveys and enable Single Sign-On(SSO) for your organization. SurveySparrow’s experience management platform is also GDPR compliant.

Shed all worries about data security with CCPA & GDPR compliance.

Audience Management

Manage your audience easily. Import contact details from popular tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Contacts, Intercom or you can import it via CSV and Excel, at one go. Create custom Audience Lists to group your audience, for instance, department wise. Control visibility and accessibility of surveys using teams & folders.

Manage your audience easily by importing contacts easily.

The all-in-one solution for your business ecosystem

Budding startup or a full-fledged enterprise, our platform caters to businesses of all sizes. Data is for
all, and we bring you closer to the answers you need!

Video survey

Embed a video as the background for your surveys and achieve greater user engagement.

Engage with users easily using video surveys.

Unmute video for better experience

Accept Payments

Securely collect payments from respondents through your surveys. We’ve integrated with Stripe to help you manage orders and collect payments safely.

Accept payment through your online forms securely.
Auto-score & personalized Thank-you pages

Run quizzes and tests easily. SurveySparrow’s quiz maker will auto-score the answers, saving you the time & effort. Display customized Thank You pages based on the score.

Display customized Thank you pages to your audience.
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