Salesforce survey integration to understand customers better

Understand your customers and prospects better

No better way to know more about your customers or prospects than with surveys. Collect feedback from your customers and discover how you can improve your business, provide better customer experience and how they perceive your services using Salesforce survey integration.

Identify critical business information

Gather useful insights from survey data to locate critical business information with rich dashboard and reports of SurveySparrow. Employ Salesforce survey integration to Identify your business’s blind-spots and profile your leads better based on their purchase timelines and budgets.

Salesforce survey integration to draw critical business insights
Salesforce survey integration to boost sales growth and revenue

Analyze & boost sales and revenue

Analyze your survey responses from customers and leads to understand sales opportunities better, marketing potential and steer your strategies for boosting revenues and referrals. Improve your NPS and CSAT numbers efficiently and nurture with regular follow-ups using Salesforce survey integration!

Create new Salesforce contacts

With Salesforce survey integration, add a new contact to your Salesforce account when a new response is submitted for your survey. Save time and efforts, thus, which would otherwise be spent on manually adding each new user to your Salesforce account.

Create new Salesforce contacts with Salesforce survey integration

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Integrate Surveys with a Conversational Interface
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Embed Surveys into your Website
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Broad Spectrum of Question Types for your Survey
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Conditional Question Branching Feature
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