Intercom Integration Trigger Surveys after chat is closed

Trigger surveys when a support chat is terminated

Suppose a user initiates a support chat for any query or communication. Once the issue is resolved, and the chat is closed, trigger an online survey seeking the feedback. Intercom survey integration helps you to use this feedback to improve customer experience and support.

Improve customer experience

Send out periodic customer satisfaction surveys to your users and gain valuable feedback. Intercom survey integration helps you collect and use this to polish-up the customer experience you provide. In addition, you can also identify the areas that need improvement in your business and take necessary measures using the Intercom survey merge.

Intercom Integration to improve customer experience
Add new users easily with Intercom integration

Add new users to Intercom

When a new survey response is entered, automatically add the new contact to your Intercom CRM account, with the Intercom survey integration. No more spending time in manually adding each new contact, save precious time and efforts!

Collect user responses and create tags

Intercom lets you create tags or events for easy sorting of your users. With Intercom survey integration, create tags on Intercom based on survey responses received. Thus easily group your audience and improve the customer experience and support you provide.

Create tags using Intercom integration

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