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Top Wufoo Alternatives To Check Out In 2024


25 April 2024

11 min read

Are you weary of the limited functionality and customizability that Wufoo offers? Do you find yourself sweating to take away the ‘boring’ from its very bland looking online forms? Have you desperately wished for better user navigation and guidance from Wufoo’s end? Before you plead guilty for these, be assured that you have come to the right place in search of better alternatives to Wufoo. 

For the longest time, Wufoo sure stole the spotlight as one-of-its-kind in the online survey space. And rightly so-with its effortless form building competence and straight, no-brainer approach, there is very little to not like about this platform. But at a time when online surveys have become an overriding need- from rolling out employee engagement surveys to conducting performance reviews, it is debatable whether this online form builder endured the test of time and functionality.

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Now that’s out of the way; it is only logical to branch out and explore the options out there.  To make things easier for you, we bring to you what we think are some of the best Wufoo alternatives to look out for in 2024. But before that, let’s do some groundwork. Shall we?

What is Wufoo?  

Wufoo is an online survey platform whose HTML form builder helps you to create contact forms, online surveys, and craft invitations and use it to collect data, registrations and online payments. All without writing a single line of code.

As an online form builder with database and web software solution, Wufoo is designed for any type of individual, business, or organization that require an easy-to-use web forms tool. It helps users design and creates visually appealing online forms within minutes. After creating an online form, Wufoo also lets you share it with your colleagues, embed it directly on your own website, or link them to the app’s pages.

Wufoo also allows for customization with over 400 professional themes and templates. If nothing fits your preference, you can also opt to create your own templates. In addition to that, you also get somewhat decent analytics and reporting tools.

Why do you need Wufoo alternatives? 

As the adage goes pricing isn’t all that you must consider while formulating your decision. While the Wufoo software is mostly enough for a normal user, it has critical drawbacks that need to be addressed. Long story short-where Wufoo hits the right feel with its pricing, its features and support greatly fail short in the long run. 

  • One such grey area is Wufoo’s customer service.  Most people who have used the platform found their customer service quite lacking. Their customer support is slow and claims no great shakes.   
  • Wufoo’s online forms look very drab and archaic. On top of that, its customization is cumbersome. Worse yet, it is exhausting to implement with Wufoo custom CSS or blank form. 
  • Even with the relatively new WordPress plugin, there is trouble in paradise. Most users who have been using Wufoo for long, wish for an easier and cleaner embed in WordPress. 
  • Although the price point is its biggest attraction, most users remarked that for the price they pay, they wish the monthly submissions were a tad higher.   
  • Figuring out Wufoo’s form builder takes a good suit of trial and error. It might take you a while to get exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you want to pick it up, Wufoo offers a very small room for onboarding. There is a learning curve for more advanced customizations. 

Top Wufoo alternatives and competitors 

In this blog post, you are getting an exhaustive rundown of the best Wufoo alternatives alongside their most compelling features.  So make sure you read till the end to find out ’em all.

Here are some of the popular Wufoo alternatives to help you build engaging online surveys. 

SoftwarePricingRating (G2)
SurveySparrowFree Trial. Basic plan – $19/month4.5 (438 reviews)
Typeform$35/month4.5 (420 reviews)
Jotform$29/month4.7 (531 reviews)
Google FormsFree4.6 (10,230 reviews)
Qualtrics$1500/annum4.4 (2837 reviews)
Alchemer$300/annum4.4 (658 reviews)
SoGoSurveys$25/month4.6 (48 reviews)
Zoho Surveys$20/month4.4 (618 reviews)

Wufoo Alternative #1. SurveySparrow

Wufoo alternative - SurveySparrow.

SurveySparrow is one of those online survey software that helps you create meaningful conversations through their online surveys. With its dynamic dashboard, a neat and clean UI, it is arguably the best Wufoo alternative out there. But these features are only the tip of the iceberg. With an an-encompassing set of features, SurveySparrow is worth every penny you pay for. Some of its most functional features include

  • Complete customizations of online surveys – SurveySparrow offers you a wide range of eye-catchy templates. You can even apply custom CSS to build your online surveys.
  • Language Support– With this platform, you can roll out your online surveys in different languages. You needn’t let language restrain you from sending your precious online surveys.
  • Integration– You can effortlessly integrate SurveySparrow with hundreds of applications.
  • Roll out employee engagement surveys and customer feedback surveys to check employee and customer pulse.
  • 360-degree feedback– You can conduct performance appraisals, boost productivity and drive growth with employee 360 reports.
  • Chatbox Support– With the help of SurveySparrow, you can add chatbot for websites.
  • NPS benchmarkIt lets you benchmark your NPS score. Check how your NPS scores fare against famous organizations around the globe.
  • White labelling– With SurveySparrow, you can white-label your surveys and make it all about your brand. It also allows for customization of the whole survey using your brand colors and logo.

Still not convinced?  SurveySparrow also offers a Forever Free plan with limited features, as well as a free trial for users to test out the product. Sign up below and see for yourself.  

Wufoo Alternative #2. Typeform

Wufoo alternative - typeform.

Typeform is a Barcelona based survey tool that attracts respondents with its minimal and fun interface. Some of the most premium features of this online survey software are given below:

  • Vibrant templates – Typeform offers hundreds of templates to make your surveys interesting and intriguing.
  • Conditional logic – You can make your surveys smarter and more powerful with their logic application.
  • Integration– You can integrate this online survey tool with hundreds of applications. All in all, this provides for a seamless experience using Typeform’s API.
  • Answer Piping– You can view the answers to the questions asked with its 
  • Personalized workflows– You can create online surveys that suit all your customer interests. 

Wufoo Alternative #3. Jotform

Wufoo alternative - Jotform.

Jotform is one of those online survey tools that offer a minimal and neat interface to its users. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this Wufoo alternative.

  • Customizability-Jotform helps you customize your online surveys using filters, logic and dynamic templates.
  • Integrations-It is possible to integrate Jotform with a wide range of other applications. 
  • Functionality-You can build employee engagement surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and NPS surveys. You can also duplicate them and use them whenever required. 
  • Offline data collection – With Jotform, you can easily share your surveys via emails, SMS, QR codes etc. They offer online survey share options too.
  • Mobile-friendly surveys– With Jotform, your respondents can take online surveys using any device – phone, tablet, or a laptop.

If these features aren’t enough reasons for you to choose Jotform, feel free to check out our Jotform alternatives blog to look out for other options.

Wufoo Alternative #4. Google Forms

Wufoo alternative - Google Forms.

How can we not add this online survey tool to this list of top Wufoo alternatives? In fact, Google Forms probably makes it to any alternative list of any online survey alternative anywhere in the world. Let’s take a look at why Google Forms is very popular.

  • Simple and easy to understand – In order to build an online survey in Google Forms, very minimal steps are required.
  • You can easily add background images of your choice to the online surveys.
  • Basic conditional formatting– Although you can’t rely on Google Forms for any rich set of functions or features, it offers basic conditional formatting. This includes skipping to certain parts of your online survey based on your answers.
  • Totally free to use – This is probably one of the major reasons people opt for Google Forms. Though it doesn’t offer
  • Multiple share options-It lets you share your online surveys with ease.

All that being said, if you’re on the lookout for an online survey tool that lets you customize your surveys and make them vibrant, Google Forms is clearly not for you. Feel free to check out SurveySparrow’s features to see if this Wufoo alternative checks all your requirement boxes.

Wufoo Alternative #5. Qualtrics 

wufoo alternative - qualtrics.

Now we get to the costliest option on the list. But if you are on the lookout for powerful features that a lot of other Typeform alternatives offer, this is the one to go for. Clearly, Qualtrics focuses on enterprise-level business. Some of its most valued features include

  • Predictive intelligence– This Wufoo alternative offers you an employee management platform through key metrics powered by predictive intelligence. This also helps in rolling out smart surveys that increase the quality of data received and extracted.
  • Extensive and vivid market research– Qualtrics as a platform facilitates extensive research. That is why the software finds favor among researchers.
  • Dazzling templates– Qualtrics offers dashing templates whatever your needs are. You can count on it to create surveys for customer satisfaction, onboarding, A/B testing, etc.
  • Commendable security– This Wufoo alternative offers enterprise-grade security to their online surveys and data.

Wufoo Alternative #6. Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo)

With an array of features that is simple and easy to use, Alchemer is a good competitor to Wufoo. Some of its most notable features include:

  • Multiple Question Types– Alchemer has a commendable library of survey questions. It includes everything from radio buttons to Likert Scales. The question type depends on the type of answers you want to collect.
  • Custom Branding– While using this platform, users can control branding elements. You can easily change up the themes, logos, colors and images. You are in control of how your surveys look and feel.
  • Survey Diagnostics– With the help of the platform’s survey diagnostics tool, you can gauge how your surveys will fare. You can estimate the survey’s length, accessibility, and even respondent fatigue.
  • Detailed Reports- Alchemer offers real-time reporting features with which you can gain insights out of survey data.

Wufoo Alternative #7. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is a secure and comprehensive survey platform that comes with some handy survey tools. Here is an overview of the features offered.

  • Advanced CX Tools– The platform is known for offering multi-channel feedback. This helps you to create steady and individually-tailored responses in all touchpoints.
  • Ease of use– With SoGoSurvey, you get drag-and-drop tools and pre-built templates. In addition, the survey template bank accelerates the survey creation process.
  • Employee data– With its employee assessments, real-time behavior trends, and data-rich employee experience reports, SoGoSurveys claims to improve employee retention.

Wufoo Alternative #8. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a decent Wufoo alternative. With adequate customization options and friendly pricing plans, this survey platform is considerable. Given below is a run-through of some of Zoho Survey’s most popular features.

  • Custom Themes– Zoho Survey makes survey creation and its administration easy with its pre-built survey templates.
  • Mobile optimized– Surveys created using the Zoho Survey system are optimized for mobile devices. The respondents can access the questions and submit their answers wherever they may be.
  • Language support– Zoho Surveys supports 30 multiple languages. With this, you can extend your reach beyond geographical boundaries.

A contest of contrasts: Wufoo Competitors At A Glance

If you are still thrown off by the vast choices available, don’t worry. We got you! In this section, we have briefly reviewed and narrowed down some popular Wufoo alternatives to better guide you in making your choice.

Wufoo vs Google forms

In comparison to Google Forms, Wufoo has a better and more refined set of features designed for people who need to go that extra mile. For instance, consider the availability of professional form templates  (while it is 400 for Wufoo, it is only 15 for Google Forms) and customizability offered in both (while Wufoo offers complete customization, Google Forms straggles behind with only 15 colors to choose from)

Wufoo vs Typeform

Undoubtedly, Typeform has a broader appeal and approval rate among companies. It meets the needs of business better than Wufoo. With better feature updates and roadmaps, and the quality of ongoing product support, Typeform clearly has an edge over Wufoo.

Some commonly asked questions

Now that we have covered the basic know-how of Wufoo, we think it is important to address and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the form-building platform. We hope this helps you make an informed decision.

  1. What does Wufoo do?

Wufoo is a web application that helps you build online forms. When you design a Wufoo form, it mechanically builds the database and scripts required in collecting data. In addition, Wufoo’s code manager offers an array of copy-and-paste code snippets to help users embed online forms and surveys into their website. Hosting forms is made trouble-free with Wufoo as its custom online forms can be shared across Facebook page, blog posts, and email newsletters

  1. Are Wufoo surveys anonymous?

Simply put, Wufoo surveys are anonymous. The platform allows all survey creators to turn the anonymous responses on or off. You can have employees fill out Wufoo surveys anonymously to ensure honest feedback.

  1. Are Wufoo forms secure?

With Wufoo, there is considerable power and customization options to collect any sort of data. Survey creators have their own privacy policies that exclusively apply top surveys they create and details how they handle your identifiable information. Having said that, if you are a Wufoo user, we highly suggest understanding your data and utilize only the best survey practise while viewing and accessing it. We encourage you to patiently read through those policies or raise concerns over any questionable policies. This way, you can be sure that your data is secure.

  1. Can you integrate Wufoo with google sheets?

Given that Wufoo stores all your form entries and allows for their export as well. By using Google sheets, you can collect all form entries into a single spreadsheet.

You can integrate Wufoo with Google Sheets using You can also easily integrate Wufoo forms with Google Sheets with the help of Zapier.

  1. Can you use Wufoo Connect with Stripe?

Wufoo recently launched Stripe Connect by which you can effortlessly enable payments for their users, and the Stripe users can now share their data. With the Stripe Connect integration, you can now use Stripe to accept payments directly on the Wufoo form. This makes it easier for managing event registration, taking orders online, accepting donations, and much more

  1. How does Wufoo billing work?

The payment method that is listed on your Wufoo Billing information will be automatically charged at your next billing date. However, if you don’t find yourself enjoying the service, you can always cancel your subscription at any time before this date. You can always update the credit card on file

  1. Is the Wufoo application free?

Wufoo allows you to test out its platform before you sign up. You can easily create a free Wufoo account and have a rundown of their features. With a free account, you will be able to try the service with a free user, three forms, three reports, and ten fields. By using this, you will be able to give their program a test drive. If you think a paid version will help you take care of your organizational needs, you can definitely give Wufoo a try!

Is Wufoo worth for what you are paying for?

One of the biggest strong suits of Wufoo definitely has to be its pricing. Despite its middling feature set and reasonably good ease of use, Wufoo’s strategic pricing lures quite a crowd into using it. Its payment options make it quite an accessible option to consider as there are pricing plans for everyone out there.  

Although you can use Wufoo completely free of cost, you can only make use up to 5 forms. There are additional constraints on the entries (only allows for 100) and fields (limited to 10). But if you want something more than the free version yet do not want to splurge, you can always explore its basic starter plan which is priced at $19.00 per month. The professional and advanced users have to pay $39.00 per month and $99.00 per month respectively. 

Summing it Up

Wufoo is something anybody can use, yet not perfect. While it will certainly take your most basic survey needs, if you want to scale, it will likely disappoint you with its lacklustre performance. With its very basic and boxy design and feel, not-so straightforward user navigation, dearth of complex customizations, and tricky integrations, Wufoo sure is a letdown. And to set the records straight, we aren’t the only ones who feel that way. 

Enough said, with so many amazing alternatives in the market,  why settle? We hope our list of Wufoo alternatives helped you choose that online survey software that checks all your boxes. Though every online survey tool has its own set of animated features, you should be choosing one that helps you achieve what you’re trying to. If you’re still biased, you can always check out SurveySparrow’s website. We promise to take care of your survey needs like none other. 

Happy Surveying! 


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