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Top Wufoo Alternatives To Check Out In 2020


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If you ever thought online surveys wouldn’t move the digital world, you’re in for a whole lot of surprises. From companies onboarding their employees to conducting stand-up meetings, everything has become remote. Safe to assume that remote work is the new normal. And online surveys are the need of the hour. From rolling out employee engagement surveys to conducting performance reviews, online surveys are your go-to guy. Which is why we thought you’d like to know about Wufoo, an online survey software and some of the Wufoo alternatives for you to check out in 2020. 

Top Wufoo alternatives:

Here are some of the popular Wufoo alternatives to help you build engaging online surveys. 

Wuf0o Alternative #1. SurveySparrow

Wufoo alternative - SurveySparrow.

Sparrow is one of those online survey software that lets you engage in conversations through their online surveys. It’s arguably the best SurveyMonkey alternative out there that offers a dynamic dashboard, a neat and clean UI that lets you build online surveys that actually work. Here’s a list of features offered by SurveySparrow:

  • Complete customizations of online surveys – choose from a wide range of eye-catchy templates and apply custom CSS to build your online surveys.
  • Roll out employee engagement surveys and customer feedback surveys to check employee and customer pulse.
  • Roll out the online surveys in different languages – don’t let language restrain you from sending your precious online surveys. 
  • Integrate with hundreds of applications  
  • 360 degree feedback: Conduct performance appraisals, boost productivity and drive growth with employee 360 reports. 
  • Add chatbot for websites.
  • NPS benchmark lets you benchmark your NPS score. Check how your NPS scores fare against famous organizations around the globe.
  • White label your surveys and make it all about your brand – customize the whole survey using your brand colors and logo.

Wufoo Alternative #2. Typeform

Wufoo alternative - typeform.

Typeform is one of those online survey software that attracts respondents with its minimal and fun interface. It’s a Barcelona based survey tool that offers its users the below set of premium features:

  • Vibrant templates – hundreds of them to make your surveys interesting and intriguing till the very end.
  • Conditional logic – apply logic to your surveys and make them more smart, simple, yet powerful.
  • Integrate this online survey tool with hundreds of applications for a seamless experience using Typeform’s API.
  • Build personalized workflows and create online surveys that suit all your customer interests. 
  • Lets you view the answers to your questions of the online answers using its answer piping feature. 

Wufoo Alternative #3. SurveyMonkey

wufoo alternative - surveymonkey.

SurveyMonkey is one of the pioneers in the online survey software industry with around 20 years of expertise in helping businesses build online surveys. Though there are a lot of SurveyMonkey alternatives out there for you to choose from, it still offers a rich set of features.

  • Roll out NPS surveys and understand how likely your employees and customers are willing to promote your business outside the organization.
  • Build multilingual online surveys for your customers based in different parts of the world.
  • Numerous templates that range from customer feedback to employee satisfaction surveys. 
  • Close the feedback loop – SurveyMonkey, in addition to helping you build engaging online surveys, also lets you close the feedback loop once and for all. Closing feedback loops are an essential part of a business that if left unattended, can affect your customer relationships.
  • SurveyMonkey lets you white label your surveys – make the online surveys all about your brand!

Wuf0o Alternative #4. Jotform

Wufoo alternative - Jotform.

Jotform is one of those online survey tools out there that offer a minimal and neat interface to its users. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this Wufoo alternative without further ado…

  • Customize your online surveys using filters, logic and dynamic templates.
  • Lets you integrate Jotform with a wide range of other applications.
  • Receive email notifications when your respondents respond to your online surveys. 
  • Build employee engagement surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and NPS surveys – also, duplicate them and use it whenever, wherever required.
  • Offline data collection and easy online survey share options – emails, SMS, QR codes, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly surveys that let your respondents take your online surveys using any device – phone, tablet, or a laptop.

If these features aren’t enough reasons for you to choose Jotform, feel free to check out Jotform alternatives blog to look out for other options.

Wuf0o Alternative #5. Google Forms

Wufoo alternative - Google Forms.

How can we not add this online survey tool to this list of top Wufoo alternatives? In fact, Google Forms probably makes it to any alternative list of any online survey alternative anywhere in the world. Let’s take a look at why Google Forms is very popular…

  • Simple and easy to understand – minimal number of steps to let you build simple online surveys.
  • Add background images of your choice to the online surveys.
  • Lets you apply basic conditional formatting like skipping to certain parts of your online survey based on your answers.
  • Totally free to use – this probably is one of the major reasons people opt Google Forms. Though it doesn’t offer any rich set of functions or features, it gets the job time pretty quickly. 
  • Multiple share options let you share your online surveys with ease.

If you’re on the lookout for an online survey tool that lets you customize your surveys and make it vibrant and vigorous, Google Forms is clearly not for you. Feel free to check out SurveySparrow’s features to see if this Wufoo alternative checks all your requirement boxes.

Wuf0o Alternative #6. Qualtrics 

wufoo alternative - qualtrics.

Probably the costliest of them all! No, we aren’t kidding. Qualtrics clearly focuses on enterprise-level business, and if you’re on the lookout for affordable Wufoo alternatives, Qualtrics is clearly not your fit. But it offers powerful features that a lot of other Typeform alternatives or SurveyMonkey alternatives offer and that’s probably one of the reasons it is highly valued and overpriced. Features offered by Qualtrics include:

  • This Wufoo alternative offers you an employee management platform through key metrics that are powered by predictive intelligence. 
  • Offers you a platform to do extensive and vivid market research – which is why Qualtrics is often used by researchers to study in detail about the market. 
  • Dashing templates – customer satisfaction, exit interview, demographic polls, helpdesk, onboarding, A/B testing, etc. 
  • Qualtrics, as a whole, is powered by artificial intelligence that lets you roll out smart surveys and increase the quality of the data received and extracted. 
  • This Wufoo alternative also offers its customers enterprise-grade security to their online surveys and data. 

We hope this Wufoo alternatives list helped you choose that online survey software that checks all your boxes. Though every online survey tool has its own set of animated features, you should be choosing one that helps you achieve what you’re trying to. If you’re still biased, you can always check out SurveySparrow’s website to see if we can offer you what Wufoo doesn’t. 

Happy Surveying! 


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