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Top 9 Jotform Alternatives To Check Out In 2021!


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Online surveys are the need of the hour. Considering the number of online surveys people have been taking over the past decade, every organization – small or humungous are in need of survey software. And you ask why? Because online surveys help you understand how your business is booming. And we understand why you’re here. You’re reading this Jotform alternatives blog because some way or the other, you aren’t enlightened by Jotform any more. There are other better players in the market that offer you way more for way less.

Right from gathering honest customer feedback to establishing deep-seated customer relationships, the below listed Jotform alternatives can help you solve all your problems. And that’s why we have put together this list of Jotform alternatives for you to check out in 2021!

A Quick Peek into the Top 9 Jotform Alternatives:

SoftwarePricingRating (G2)
SurveySparrowFree Trial. Basic plan – $19/month4.5 (563 reviews)
SurveyMonkeyStarts at 21$/month4.4 (16,757 reviews)
Typeform$35/month4.5 (420 reviews)
Formstack$50/month4.4 (257 reviews)
Alchemer$25/month4.4 (660 reviews)
QualtricsOn quote basis4.4 (2,257 reviews)
QuestionPro$85/month4.3 (104 reviews)
EngageForm$20/month4.6 (11 reviews)
Wufoo$14/month4.2 (269 reviews)

Why Should You Consider A Jotform Alternative?

Jotform, as you may already know, has been in the market for a considerable amount of time. Their massive library of rich themes and templates is sure to attract visitors within seconds. Though Jotform is feature-rich and boasts of multi-device support, is it worth using this form builder in 2021? Should you be on the lookout for a Jotform alternative? We’ll tell you why you should. Jotform isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Every tool out there has some limitations and figuring out what works best for you should do the trick.

Jotform doesn’t offer as many customizations as it should. We believe that an online survey tool should offer way more customizations for their users to play around with the surveys they create. While they still offer a variety of templates, there isn’t much work-around on designs and themes. We know what you’re thinking. Show us the Jotform alternative list already!

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the top Jotform alternatives to look out for in 2021 and how each one stands out from another.

Jotform Alternative #1. SurveySparrow:

Jotform alternative - SurveySparrow.

SurveySparrow is one such Jotform alternative that offers an engaging and smooth interface for its users to roll out online surveys. What makes it stand out from its competitors is the ability of this platform to spike the survey responses rate to a massive 40 per cent.

Before we move any further, here’s a survey created using SurveySparrow:

You can too try creating amazing surveys like this. Sign-up for free:

Back to the topic, here are some of the other features that make SurveySparrow the best Jotform alternative out there.

  • Create Conversational Surveys: Because normal surveys are boring, to be honest. Why type sentences and paragraphs when you make it conversational? That’s exactly what SurveySparrow delivers.
  • NPS Software: Roll out NPS surveys to know how well your customers refer you to their family and friends. It gives you a quick pulse about how much your customers love you.
  • 360 Degree Feedback tool: Customize employee 360 reports, boost productivity, conduct appraisals and performance reviews, and drive growth with SurveySparrow’s 360 degree feedback software.
  • In-depth Reporting Module: SurveySparrow offers you a report savvy dashboard with cross-tabulation, advanced report filters, and real-time reporting.
  • Chatbot for Website: Use chatbots for the website, auto-trigger surveys, enhance lead generation with live website feedback and round the clock support.
  • NPS Benchmark: Helps to benchmark your NPS with your competitors. Gain insight into what your NPS score is telling you.
  • Automate workflows: SurveySparrow lets you create automated workflows, schedule follow-up emails and surveys, and even better – integrate with hundreds of applications.

All these features make SurveySparrow the best Jotform alternative in 2021. It also has hundreds of vibrant templates and designs, built-in survey questions with the option of complete customization. Apply CSS, brand styling and colors, and make the surveys all about you – white labelling at its finest, ain’t it? The surveys also work seamlessly on all devices making it all the more reason for this survey software to top our Jotform alternatives list.

Jotform Alternative #2. SurveyMonkey:

This name has been synonymous with the word surveys for quite some time now. They’ve been the market leaders for years and that’s not the only reason why we have them on our Jotform alternatives list. Features of SurveyMonkey include:

  • Customize themes, logos and CSS to make the surveys more about you.
  • Built-in survey questions
  • Hundreds of intriguing online survey templates
  • Customize online surveys and thank you pages
  • Filter extracted data
  • Multiple sharing options
  • Complex logic and branching

SurveyMonkey is a trustworthy online survey tool with years of experience in the industry. Though the pricing can be a bit high, some people still prefer choosing SurveyMonkey over its competitors because of its brand value. And that’s why SurveyMonkey makes it to our Jotform alternatives list. You can also check out for SurveyMonkey alternatives if you are in the lookout for more survey software alternatives.

Jotform Alternative #3. Typeform:

Typeform is one such Jotform alternative that offers its users a clean and smooth platform to design their surveys. Headquartered in Barcelona, Typeform has gained quick traction and has emerged to become very popular in the survey market in a short span of time. Let’s take a look at why Typeform makes it to our top Jotform alternatives list:

  • User-friendly and smooth interface
  • Minimal templates and designs with plenty of customizations
  • Flexible pricing plans to suit all your needs
  • Offers survey automation and user segmentation
  • Custom thank you screens
  • Accept payments at ease
  • Has built-in survey questions and email share options
  • Excellent reports dashboard that enables you to download them in various formats

Typeform can be your go-to portal for all your survey needs. If your survey requirements are minimal and simple, Typeform can check all your boxes and fix all your pain points and that’s exactly why it is one of the best Jotform alternatives out there. But if you’re on the lookout for other Typeform alternatives for a more affordable and engaging experience, feel free to read this blog.

Jotform Alternative #4. Formstack:

Jotform alternatives - formstack

Formstack, with its powerful features and the intriguing interface, makes it our list of top Jotform alternatives. It has gained traction due its ability to integrate with other apps seamlessly. Some of the features of Formstack include:

  • Helps make surveys online based on your business requirements
  • Can be integrated with a plethora of apps
  • Has a massive library of templates and themes
  • Helps you collect online payments at ease
  • Customize and track reports through graphs and charts
  • Helps apply conditions and logic to questions
  • Affordable pricing options

All these features combined with how easily you can set the online survey tool up makes Formstack one of the top Jotform alternatives to look out for in 2021. The tool also lets you create smart lists, capture electronic signatures, and supports data routing.

Jotform Alternative #5. Alchemer (Formerly SurveyGizmo):

Alchemer -Jotform Alternative

This easy-to-use survey software is very well known for its features and interface. The smooth UI combined with a plethora of other features is why it made its entry to our list of top Jotform alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of the features SurveyGizmo offers:

  • Vibrant dashboard
  • Excellent 360 degree feedback tool
  • Offers skip logic and question branching
  • Supports Audio, Image and Videos
  • Offers complete customization to surveys
  • All device compatible
  • In-built email
  • Offline response collection
  • Helps roll out customer feedback surveys, employee engagement surveys and polls.

We hope the features listed above are more than enough for this tool to make it to this Jotform alternatives list. Though a bit expensive on the pricing spectrum, SurveyGizmo pretty much does justice to what it is entrusted with.

Jotform Alternative #6. Qualtrics:

Jotform alternatives - Qualtrics

Qualtrics is one its kind Jotform alternative that is preferred by enterprise companies because of its rich features. Primarily used as a market research software, Qualtrics is a powerful tool that offers pretty much all the features one could ask for. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Qualtrics and why it makes an entry to our list:

  • Simple installation process
  • Supports more than 48 languages
  • Hundreds of question types
  • Allows complex branching and conditions
  • Supports multimedia content
  • Helps build advanced surveys
  • Seamless access to extracted data
  • Export data in the form of PDF, CSV, SPSS
  • Offers live support
  • Helps roll out customer feedback and employee engagement surveys

Qualtrics is widely used by enterprises around the globe – thanks to its powerful features. But this makes the software way too expensive for small businesses out there. It sure serves the purpose, but are you willing to go the extra mile for features that you might not even use in the long run? Especially when there are other better Jotform alternatives and Qualtrics alternatives in the market.

Jotform Alternative #7. QuestionPro:

Jotform alternatives - QuestionPro

QuestionPro is a survey software used by companies to create online polls, online surveys and share them across the organization for input. What makes it one of the top Jotform alternatives in 2021 is its set of rich features that checks all your boxes of requirements. The features offered by this Jotform alternative include:

  • Complex logic and conditional branching
  • Seamless share options including QR code sharing
  • Drag and drop survey editor
  • Smooth interface and reporting module
  • Export the received data in CSV, SPSS or excel format
  • Multimedia integration and support
  • Advanced app integrations
  • Massive template library

QuestionPro is often preferred by market researchers to do some serious research and study. This combined with the flexible pricing plans is one of the major reasons why this online survey tool made it our top Jotform alternatives list.

Jotform Alternative #8. EngageForm:

Jotform alternatives - EngageForms

This Jotform alternative is an easy to use survey software that offers its users a neat and minimal platform to design and share their surveys. It helps businesses generate leads through its polls, quizzes and mobile friendly surveys. Features include:

  • Intuitive admin panel
  • Mobile ready surveys and polls
  • Offers custom survey URLs and conversion tracking
  • Helps in customer targeting
  • Multi channel sharing options
  • Multi device support

This survey tool is minimal at its best. This is one of those Jotform alternatives that stresses on how you can create surveys without any prior coding knowledge. Real-time insights in addition to affordable pricing options make EngageForm one of the Jotform alternatives to look out for in 2021.

Jotform Alternative #9. Wufoo:

Jotform alternatives -Wufoo

That’s a cool name for a survey platform, right! Wufoo pretty much offers the same features the other ones in the list offer. But then you may ask why is it in this Jotform alternatives list? It’s because of the ease with which it offers these features. It’s primarily used by its users to create online polls, quizzes and online surveys. Features offered by Wufoo include:

  • Intuitive design and engaging interface
  • Dynamic based logic
  • Complex logic and conditions
  • Help accept payments with ease
  • Custom branding and styling
  • Customize tons of themes and designs
  • Create flawless workflows
  • Integrate with applications
  • Custom reports and data export

If these aren’t enough features for a survey tool, you should probably build one up. Just kidding. These rich features in combination with the ease at which you can use them makes Wufoo one of the top Jotform alternatives you need to check out for in 2021.

With that, we end our list of the top Jotform alternatives to check out this year. No tool would offer you a cherry on top if you don’t pick the right one. We hope this list of Jotform alternatives helps you choose the right survey tool. Happy surveying!


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