Ticket Management

Turn voices to actionable solutions

Empower your
customers with
streamlined support

Optimize support interactions with seamless ticket management, turning customers into dedicated brand advocates.

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Channel responses into tickets

Transform all customer interactions into actionable tickets, ensuring prompt resolution and making customers feel valued.

Collaborate with ease

Streamline teamwork, assign experts, and accelerate feedback closure. Enhance collaboration with private notes and prioritize tasks effectively. Nothing slips through the cracks!

Offer seamless support

Enable your experts to focus on customers as we provide a unified view of your customer information. Accelerate feedback closure with real-time ticket tracking, workflows, alerts, and canned responses for swift resolutions.

Shared inbox for all communications

Convert incoming customer emails into tickets and respond to them promptly. Consolidate the entire interaction history with your respondents, just like an organized email inbox.

Streamline support across the globe

Set customized working hours for particular groups to optimize productivity, and eliminate the hassle of coordination across different locations. Embrace tailored schedules that suit your team's unique needs.

Stay in the loop with email notifications

Ensure all your team members are kept informed by enabling email notifications to receive timely updates on any changes throughout the ticketing lifecycle. Hence, never missing a beat!

Tailor-made ticket fields

Customize your ticketing process effortlessly by creating personalized ticket fields that perfectly align with your unique workflow. Simplify ticket management like never before.

All-in-one ticketing dashboard

​​Gain full visibility and control over your support tickets from a unified dashboard, allowing you to efficiently track, prioritize, and resolve customer inquiries.

Boost your service commitments

Customize service level agreements (SLAs) for your tickets to ensure clear service commitments between you and your customers. Get clear notifications and actionable steps for every commitment you make.

Smart ticket workflows

Automate routine tasks with workflow automation, freeing up your agents' time to focus on timely customer responses and exceptional support.

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