White label Surveys

Keep your company’s voice consistent with your surveys. SurveySparrow enables you to customize the survey’s branding to fit your company’s voice. White labeling the survey ensures you stay true to the voice and share your company’s personality.

Echo your branded surveys, the smart way

Custom domain that's unique

Create and host a white label survey in your very own domain. Custom domain lets you remove SurveySparrow’s branding before sharing the survey with other people. This is your brand’s promotion on its own, resulting in more responses to your survey.

CSS customization for detailing

Theme your surveys beautifully with CSS on SurveySparrow’s white label survey software. Customize every single detail and match them to your brand’s image- fonts, labels, icons, and more.

Send out ideal emails

White labeling lets you add your logo and fonts to email surveys you send out. Personalize every email tailored for the recipients. This ensures higher open rates and gives you a chance at higher responses.

600+ Templates to White Label

It's easy to customize SurveySparrow’s pre-built survey templates to match your brand's voice. Change up design elements like colors or fonts and use White labeling to have your own custom domain, emails, and branding for your surveys.

No more peeking with custom SSL

Secure SSL connections allows you to share your surveys without the hassle that someone would have access to information submitted by the respondents. When using SSL, all survey information is sent over 'https' and will be encrypted.

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