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What is Employee Engagement Survey?

An employee engagement survey is a feedback methodology that is used to measure the extent to which employees are motivated, satisfied, and involved in an organization. In other words, it helps to understand the level of involvement each employee has with everything that surrounds the organization. Employee engagement is much more than happy employees. While satisfied employees do what's expected and leave for the day, engaged employees go out of their way to bring positive impacts to the company. It's going beyond the daily routine to achieve the set goals and the overall vision of the company.

According to stats by Officevibe,

Highly Engaged businesses see an increase in customer ratings by 10%

Highly engaged businesses see an increase in sales by 20%

About 80% of engaged employees would work more for their employer

Defining Employee Engagement Survey,

Employee engagement surveys are tools that bring feedback from employees, which is indicative of their involvement and engagement with the organization.

Thus, with a handy software, build a stellar employee engagement program in these simple 4 steps.


Build engaging, conversational employee engagement surveys


Share surveys across different channels and collect employee engagement data


Tap valuable information & insights from the employee engagement survey results


Take actionable measures based on insights gathered & improve work culture

What are the building blocks of any employee engagement survey?

Here are nine areas that must be the building blocks for your employee engagement surveys. Ensure you touch upon the following to get actionable data and while creating employee engagement surveys.


Resources & growth

Understand how the employees feel about the learning opportunities present and their overall growth curve at the organization. There must be sufficient windows for employees to explore new things, learn, grow, and excel in their respective fields. Thus, be sure to include this section in your employee engagement surveys.


Happiness at work

You must learn if your employees are actually happy when they think of work and the workplace. This is one of the most crucial driving factors that lead to employee engagement.


Level of motivation

Motivated employees turn things around for an organization in a matter of no time! When employees are motivated, they can not just meet but exceed the expectations set. There, you have yet another must-have component for your employee engagement surveys.


Praise & recognition received

Appreciating employees for their efforts goes a long way in improving the employee engagement of an organization. This lets the employees know that their work is noticed, acknowledged, and appreciated. Therefore, it’s essential to find out if your employees feel valued, and they are recognized for their efforts.



Just like exceptional customer experience creates brand ambassadors, employee engagement creates employees who are organizational evangelists. Find out from your employees how proud they are to be a part of the organization with employee engagement surveys.


Work-life balance

To ensure high productivity, there must be a balance between the professional & personal lives of employees. If not, this ultimate result is employee burnout. Ensure your organization helps employees to strike this balance.


Work culture

Employees are far more engaged in an organization that has a thriving work culture. The culture of a company is created by the very employees who are a part of it. Understand employee perception and the ways to improve it using employee engagement surveys.


Relationship with colleagues

Include the relationship element in your employee engagement survey to gauge the relations your employees share with one other. More intently, with their reporting managers and fellow peers. It is crucial to identify problems at the very start & resolve it.


Feedback & improvement

Your organization is ever-evolving. Therefore, always ask the employees where and how to improve. Create an environment that's productive & pleasant. For this, opt for open text-field where employees can enter their thoughts in your employee engagement surveys.

Create your Employee Engagement Surveys with SurveySparrow

Here are some, but not all, features of SurveySparrow that'll help you with your employee engagement program.

Create personalized, smart surveys to collect data

Engage your employees using conversational surveys for higher response rates. You can opt for chat-like surveys or conversational forms with SurveySparrow. Customize it for each department and personalize it for each employee using question piping, contact params, and custom params. Ask only relevant questions using skip logic and jump logic and build smart surveys.

Collect employee engagement data using personalized, conversational surveys.
Conversational employee engagement surveys

Analyze it using reporting module

Gain relevant insights using a powerful reporting module. Compare responses using cross-tabulation features. Sift out data using advanced filters based on questions, answers, survey share medium, contact params, expressions, and more. Be report-ready using PDF & SPSS export options. Schedule reports to receive them in your inbox at your preferred time automatically.

Slice and dice the employee engagement data to gain rich insights and improve your program.
Gain rich insights using the dashboard & reports

Automate the data collection process

Make employee feedback a business routine for optimum results. Automate the process using recurring surveys for better productivity. Configure your employee surveys once- set the time, date, day, and frequency. And, you have successfully automated your employee feedback process.

Automate your employee engagement surveys with the recurring feature.
Automate employee engagement surveys using recurring feature

Manage multiple sub-accounts easily

You can manage multiple accounts for various departments in your organization under a single parent account. The critical stakeholder has access to all sub-accounts. Furthermore, under each sub-account, you can control the visibility and access of surveys using teams and folders. For all the accounts, there's centralized billing to ensure a smooth checkout for your enterprise ecosystem.

Manage multiple sub-accounts and teams efficiently.
Centralized billing, multiple sub-accounts and teams
Integrate with your day-to-day applications easily.

Integrate with any
day-to-day app of yours

Create workflows using webhooks.


Connect different apps using API


Integrate different applications using Zapier.


Create efficient workflows and execute tasks.


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What to Avoid in Employee Engagement Survey?

Leading questions

"Wouldn't it be great if we kept a meeting every Saturday?" is an example of a leading question that forces respondents to align their answers in one direction. In this example, you are encouraging people to answer 'Yes.' If you wish to get the right response, you must ask in a more neutral tone.

Double-barreled questions

"What do you think about your relationship with Manager & Colleagues?" is a double-barreled question. An employee can't answer this because the dynamics they have may have with Manager and colleagues may be different. This is an excellent way of stuffing too much info into one question.

Vague questions

Look out for these folks, which, when finds a spot in your employee engagement surveys, confuses the respondents considerably. Be specific and precise about what you wish to ask from employees and get the right responses.

One-for-all survey

In this age of advanced personalization, it’s crucial to customize your employee engagement surveys to the dot for each employee. This isn’t as hard as it looks. With features like piping, custom params, contact params, variables, you can introduce a high degree of personalization in your surveys with an employee engagement platform.

What are the benefits of using an Employee Engagement Survey?

Here are the eight key benefits of using employee engagement surveys.

Now you can see how employee engagement is connected to the growth and success of your business. Engaged employees are satisfied and happier with their work & workplace and are ever-willing to go that extra mile to achieve personal and organizational goals. This naturally results in better sales, productivity, and lowers the tendency of absenteeism. When employees feel valued, trusted, and are given the freedom to explore, learn, & excel in what they do, the results an organization can witness is monumental.

Consequently, an organization can expect lower turnover and higher retention when they focus on employee engagement. Happy employees create happier customers. Thus, improved customer ratings are a direct impact on employee engagement.

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