What is CSAT

CSAT is the customer satisfaction barometer that helps you stay up-to-date with customer pulse. Render a flawless customer experience using CSAT!

How to Measure CSAT

Build engaging CSAT questionnaires to collect customer satisfaction data.

Create CSAT surveys that brings valuable feedback from customers

Share online survey across diverse channels.

Share CSAT surveys to your customers via different channels

Study CSAT survey data and gain insights.

Study the CSAT survey data and gain inestimable insights

Based on CSAT insights, improve your customer experience.

Based on the survey insights, take actionable measures & improve

What is CSAT

CSAT or customer satisfaction score is a commonly employed methodology to measure how satisfied customers are with a product/service they have used or are currently using. CSAT is one of the most straightforward methods of gauging customer satisfaction. It is calculated using an opinion scale, which can range from 1-10, 1-3, 1-5(frequently used), The question “How satisfied are you with the experience you had with us?” is put forward to customers and CSAT is calculated over opinion scale that can range from 1-10, 1-3, or 1-5 (which is most common). Here, 1 denotes an extremely dissatisfied customer while the upper scale denotes complete satisfaction. It is imperative for companies to know if what they provide meets the expectations of the customers. If the gap between what they offer and what customers require is far, the brand is bound to stumble and tumble. So how can companies identify if their services and products are up to the mark? Only by asking their customers. CSAT surveys are the best way to know how customers feel about an interaction they had with you, a purchase they made, or the experience they had with your brand. The results of the CSAT survey is then analyzed to get a comprehensive idea. The average of the results is expressed as percentile to get CSAT score- 100% means complete satisfaction while 0% indicates complete dissatisfaction.

When should you use CSAT

A CSAT survey efficiently brings you quality feedback when employed at the right time. Sending online surveys ages after a customer interacts with you does little or no good. The customer wouldn’t even remember the context and your surveys will remain un-taken.

So when’s the right time to use CSAT?

Right after Sales or Support interactions

A customer interacts with your company at various touch-points. Right after communication, the experience is fresh in the minds of the customers. Therefore, when you seek to measure CSAT then, you are sure to get valuable inputs from them, both good and bad. Besides, you can also understand how each sector of your organization is interacting with customers. CSAT helps to uncover the level of client satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Regular intervals

Sending CSAT surveys at regular intervals is a great way to know the pulse of customers. It is imperative to understand that customer satisfaction cannot be achieved overnight. It is a recurring process which must be planned carefully and aligned. Therefore, ensure that your organization selects a time frame- monthly or quarterly, for instance, to send out surveys to measure CSAT. Creating a customer-interaction calender for the same will help to bring all your resources on the same page to avoid bombarding your customers with CSAT questionnaires.

Customer onboarding

Many organizations fail to understand the significance of customer onboarding in a rush to grab leads and turn them into clients. When a customer picks your product or service, it is crucial that you help them out at every step rather than leaving them on their own to figure things out. Effective onboarding creates happier customers and potentially loyal customers who can turn into brand advocates in the future. Therefore, sending CSAT surveys after customer onboarding helps to keep your client-base happier and long-lasting.

What are the steps to collect CSAT data

CSAT is one of the simplest ways to know the pulse of your customers. Here are four simple steps to collect CSAT data from your customers to drive your business towards growth.

Create online surveys that fetches valuable customer satisfaction data.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the response rates
Create engaging CSAT questionnaires

CSAT score is estimated by seeking the customer feedback about a product/service they recently used. While you draft your questionnaires, keep them engaging and don’t make your respondents doze off. Online surveys are infamous for being mundane. Therefore, adding personalization features and conditional logic branching will help to make your surveys as close to human interactions as possible. Ask right to get the best responses from them.

Get increased response rates by sharing CSAT questionnaires across different channels.
Share CSAT surveys across multiple platforms
Share Questionnaires

Once you draft your CSAT questionnaires, the next step is to share it across different channels. These channels can be social media, web links, email surveys, SMS options, etc. More the channels you employ to share online surveys, the better it is. When respondents can pick the channel that’s most convenient to them, it directly reflects in the quality of feedback you receive. Boost the visibility of your online surveys and make sure it reached every customer of yours.

Gain rich CSAT insights and serve your customers better.
Advanced reporting module to gain rich insights
Analyze the CSAT results

Once you get the CSAT data in hand, the analysis is what follows. However, thanks to customer feedback software that is ubiquitous in the market, the analysis doesn’t make an analyst rummage through reports. It is easy to interpret the data and even easier to gain insights. Once you gain insights, you can understand what’s lacking and where improvements need to be undertaken quickly. Consequently, you can provide a better customer experience and support.

Follow-up with customers and improve your product/services.
Follow-up and increase customer engagement
Follow-up and improve

People have a natural hesitance to take a survey and complete it. A contributing factor to this aversion is because they feel their feedback goes unheard. Many companies stop after gathering feedback. Therefore, it is essential that you reach out to your customers and assure them that you listen to their voice which drives them to quality feedback when you venture out to measure CSAT next. Moreover, follow-ups help to increase engagements with customers as well.

What are the pros & cons of CSAT

Here, we walk you through what makes CSAT tick along with its shortcomings. Every coin has two sides- let’s have a look at what they are for CSAT.

Advantages of CSAT
  • CSAT is simple to measure, straightforward to analyze, and intuitive.
  • CSAT surveys are typically crisp and short. This helps to get quality feedback along with high survey completion rates.
  • CSAT helps to uncover the performance of various customer touchpoints of your business like onboarding, sales, and support.
  • CSAT helps to understand customer sentiments and their expectations.
  • CSAT aids to gather product feedback which in turn helps a brand to improve it and rope-in new features and updates.
  • CSAT helps to improve the overall customer experience by enhancing their level of satisfaction at various interaction avenues.
  • CSAT makes it possible to analyze department-wise performance and how they treat customers.
Challenges to CSAT

What are the shortcomings if CSAT?

  • CSAT doesn’t provide a clear idea of customer loyalty- satisfied customers needn’t be necessarily loyal.
  • CSAT doesn’t give an idea about the depth of satisfaction in customers. A customer may be satisfied, but CSAT alone cannot guarantee they’ll remain with the brand.

How to measure CSAT with SurveySparrow

A customer satisfaction survey software can quickly help you collect all the data you need to know about customer pulse. And with a minute’s read, you’ll know how SurveySparrow can help you collect CSAT data from your clients proficiently.

Dual Interface

SurveySparrow’s CSAT tool comes with not just one but two interfaces to provide an engaging survey experience. Survey creators can choose between chat-like surveys and conversational forms to get the best answers from their customers. If you thought it was difficult to obtain decent completion rates for your online surveys, we say ‘go conversational and get higher response rates than ever!’

Recurring Surveys

Like we said, employing CSAT is not a one-time process. It has to be implemented meticulously to get the best results. With SurveySparrow, you can do this promptly. You needn’t spend hours resending the same surveys periodically; SurveySparrow can take care of it for you. Recurring surveys help you to send online surveys at regular intervals, automatically. Therefore, you can save time & resources.

Survey Share Options

SurveySparrow offers multiple survey share options to ensure that your online survey reaches all your customers. These channels include:

  • Email surveys
  • Social Media
  • Weblinks
  • SMS share
  • Embed Option
Robust Reporting Module

SurveySparrow comes with a powerful reporting system that charts-out detailed reports of the survey responses. Advanced filters help you sort responses to precisely extract the data you wish to get. In no time, you can turn your CSAT data into refined information.

Diverse Question Types

What you ask in a CSAT questionnaire is essential just like the way you ask. Therefore, SurveySparrow brings you distinct question types to get quality satisfaction feedback from your customers.

Survey Themes

The time when online surveys were considered boring is over. With the right CSAT tool like SurveySparrow, you can design your online surveys to make them interactive and engaging. You can pick a theme from our gallery or go ahead and make one yourself!

Integration Feature

SurveySparrow is not a stand-alone CSAT platform. You can integrate SurveySparrow with other third-party applications using webhooks and Zapier integration. Consequently, you can build a seamless workflow and manage all your applications under a single roof.

Free Survey Templates

SurveySparrow’s free survey templates collection will help you get started with your online surveys in absolutely no time! Be it market research, customer feedback, customer satisfaction, or employee engagement, you say, and we’ve it for you. Pick the one of your requirement, tweak it to tailor-fit your needs, and create your survey in minutes!

Free NPS Calculator

If you are collecting NPS data along with CSAT, here’s our free NPS calculator to compute your organization's NPS score in a blink. You can skip searching for another tool to calculate your NPS score!

CSAT is your quickest and simplest bet to understand your customer’s satisfaction with your product and services! Measure customer satisfaction easily wit the best CSAT platform by your side!

Happy Surveying!

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