Features of Bakery Order Form Template

Simplify Bakery Orders with this Order Form Template

Every customer will have a different preference; some will want to personalize the cake, while others will purchase it. It takes a long time to write down all of the order’s specifics. So, to make life simpler, we created a bakery order template with a variety of features.

Picture Choice Questions

Orders cannot be placed without images of the cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. You can use this feature to alter the template by providing respondents with picture-based options. Adding images on the bakery order form will assist respondents in selecting the flavor of cake they desire. You can also offer them the option of customizing the cake or cupcake if they are unable to find the item they are searching for by looking at the pictures.

Embed in App

Embedding the baker order form on the website or in-app will make the ordering process easier for the respondents. Respondents may choose the products they want to order and, then open and fill out the form instantaneously. You can also embed the form in an SMS or email and send it to customers.

White Labeling

You can add a brand logo to the cookie order form template to increase the bakery’s brand awareness and make it appear more trustworthy to customers. Impress your customers and convert them into loyal ones. Use their customization features as well, like CSS advanced editor, ready to use themes, video background, custom URL and many others.

Offline Form

This feature allows you to collect responses from customers without using the internet. You can create a kiosk and let customers visiting the bakery use it to place orders. With this feature customers will find it easier to use the bake order form template.

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