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Catering Order Form Template

Do you need a catering order form template for your food delivery or catering business? Our customizable template makes it easy to take online food delivery orders and enhances the ordering experience for your customers. Embed this form on your website and start accepting orders quickly!

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Features of Catering Order Form Template

Simplify your catering orders with our user-friendly form template


Use Cases of Catering Order Form Template


Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner, you can use this template to simplify the coordination of food and beverages for weddings. Customize menus, dietary preferences, and serving times easily. This tool helps you keep track of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, ensuring clear communication with caterers. It’s also handy for managing order deadlines and delivery details, making it easier to create a memorable dining experience for the couple’s big day.

Key Feature: Conditional Logic

Conditional logic allows you to create dynamic forms. For a wedding planner, this can be used to display menu choices based on dietary preferences, ensuring that only relevant options are shown to clients during the planning process.

Corporate Office Meetings

Specify menu options for breakfast, lunch, or snacks tailored to professional gatherings. Input quantities, dietary needs, and special requests with precision. Keep tabs on delivery logistics, whether it’s to the boardroom or an off-site location. This tool saves time, minimizes mistakes, and ensures that catering services impress clients and satisfy employees.

Key Feature: Response Piping

Response piping allows you to use respondents’ previous answers in subsequent questions or sections. In this use case, it can be used to personalize menu options based on the preferences and dietary restrictions of attendees, providing a tailored catering experience.

School Cafeteria Menu Planning

School cafeteria managers can use this template for efficient menu planning. Customize daily or weekly menus for different grade levels and dietary requirements. Easily monitor inventory and order ingredients as needed, reducing food waste and costs. This tool ensures that students receive well-balanced, nutritious meals while adhering to dietary guidelines.

Key Feature: Multi-Page Forms

Multi-page forms help in organizing complex information. School cafeteria managers can use this feature to create detailed menu plans, with each page dedicated to different aspects like daily menus, ingredients, and dietary requirements, making the form easier to navigate and complete.

Healthcare Facilities

Customize menus to accommodate dietary restrictions, allergies, and nutritional needs. Keep track of meal schedules, ensuring prompt deliveries to patients’ rooms. Improve communication between dietary departments and nursing staff, minimizing errors and enhancing patient satisfaction. This tool enhances overall meal management in healthcare settings, ensuring seamless catering to dietary needs.

Key Feature: File Upload

The file upload feature allows respondents to attach documents or images. In healthcare facilities, this can be utilized for patients or staff to upload dietary prescriptions or special requests, ensuring that dietary needs are accurately addressed.


Streamline your catering order management process


Using this catering form template, you will find it easier to collect bulk orders with proper data from your consumers. Make use of SurveySparrow’s capabilities to personalize the form. The customizations include order details such as product item, quantity, delivery type, and so on. You may also change the theme to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Contact Form

Use this catering order form template to collect contact information from your customers, which covers all data such as name, email address, business name, address, phone number, and so on. You may also customize the contact form to your liking.

Question Types Library

Include several sorts of inquiries on the catering order form by using this feature. You can utilize question kinds based on the expected response from the respondents. Numerous question types may be employed, such as dropdown, multiple-choice, picture-based, date, contact form, matrix type, and so on.


If you want your respondents to be able to access your catering order form, give them the choice to fill it out on whichever device they like, and SurveySparrow will handle the rest. This template works flawlessly on any device, including mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet, to deliver an outstanding experience to your customers. With our form builder, you can customize this for the bakery order form, ice cream order form, or even grocery order form.

Multiple Sharing Option

Expand your business by making as many contacts as possible. This form may be shared in a variety of methods, such as social media, emails, SMS, and shareable web links. You may also send a scannable QR code to your consumers for your offline or online forms! The picture of the code can be printed on pamphlets, posters, and receipts.

Track Orders

Once you’ve obtained the relevant data for bulk orders, utilize SurveySparrow’s automated processes to assign those to your team by producing tickets and supporting them with keeping track of orders.

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