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Personality Quiz Template

The Personality Quiz Template is a quirky way to discover the intricacies of other people’s personalities. This template is ideal for psychologists, educators, team builders, and marketers. It offers a blend of fun and professionalism, keeping participants engaged and revealing powerful insights.

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Why use this Personality Questionnaire Template?

Spark a conversation with the Personality Quiz Template


Use Cases of the Personality Quiz Template


Educators and Counselors

Understanding students’ personalities can be a keystone in effective teaching and counseling. Utilizing the Quiz Template, educators can gain insights into individual student temperaments. By leveraging the Embedded Surveys feature, these quizzes can be integrated into e-learning platforms, ensuring easy access and completion by students. This understanding aids in personalized teaching strategies, promoting better student engagement and success.

Team Building Coordinators

Building harmonious teams requires understanding each member’s unique personality. With the Quiz Template, coordinators can assess individual team member traits. Employing the mobile accessibility feature ensures team members can participate in the quiz from any device, fostering inclusivity. The insights gained to guide the formation of well-balanced teams, boosting productivity and team cohesion.


Brands aiming to resonate with target audiences need to understand their personalities. Marketers can employ the Template to categorize potential customers based on personality types. With the different themes, the quiz can align with brand aesthetics, ensuring consistent branding. Such categorization enables tailored marketing strategies, enhancing brand-customer relationships.

Psychologists and Therapists

Deep diving into the human psyche is a psychologist’s primary function. The Quiz Template serves as a preliminary assessment tool. With Secure Survey, therapists can guarantee participants that their responses remain confidential, ensuring authentic answers. The insights gained can aid in more tailored therapeutic approaches, enhancing treatment efficacy.


Benefits of the Personality Quiz Template


Drag and Drop Builder

With SurveySparrow’s intuitive drag and drop builder, you can effortlessly create and customize their personality quizzes. This feature streamlines the quiz creation process, allowing for quick adjustments and modifications without the use of coding knowledge.

Multiple Thank You Pages

Use personalized thank you pages to deliver tailored messages based on quiz responses. SurveySparrow’s Personality Quiz template enables the creation of multiple thank you pages, ensuring respondents receive relevant feedback or further instructions based on their quiz results.

Skip/Display Logic

The template’s skip and display logic feature ensures a survey flow that changes based on the respondents’ previous answers. This not only makes the quiz feel more personal, it also reduces survey fatigue by showing only the necessary questions.

Multiple Survey Share Channels

SurveySparrow’s Personality Quiz template supports various survey distribution channels, including email, social media, QR codes, and more. This versatility enables users to reach their target audience through their preferred communication channels.


The template offers extensive customization options. You can tailor the quiz’s appearance, content, and branding to align with its theme. From personalized themes and fonts to custom branding elements, SurveySparrow empowers users to create quizzes that reflect their unique brand personality.

Insightful Analytics

SurveySparrow provides robust analytics tools to track and analyze quiz performance in real-time. You can gain valuable insights into respondent demographics, quiz completion rates, and individual question responses. The result? You get the data you need to continuously improve quiz content and design.




What kind of questions should I include in my personality quiz?

Focus on multiple-choice questions that reveal preferences. For example, “I’d rather spend a Saturday night…” with options that hint at introversion or extroversion. Here’s a sample:

I’d rather spend a Saturday night:

  1. Watching a movie
  2. At the bar with my friends
  3. At a live event
  4. Reading
  5. On my passion project
  6. Other

How many questions should a personality quiz have?

You want to keep it engaging, yet give enough options to get a sense of someone’s personality. Aim for 10-20 questions for a quick quiz, and 30-50 questions for a more in-depth personality test.

How can I score and interpret the results of my personality quiz?

Assign points to answers based on the personality trait they reveal (e.g., A for adventurous, B for cautious). Then create personality categories based on point totals (e.g., “The Explorer” for high adventure scores).

How can I make my personality quiz visually appealing?

Use images, colors, and fonts that match your quiz theme. A personal style quiz might use bright colors, an elegant font and pictures of different outfits, while a career quiz could be more muted and professional-looking.

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