Features of Pre Order Form Template

More Features of Pre-Order Form Template

Accepting pre-orders for your new launching product is an interesting marketing strategy. Thus, it is very important to connect with your target audiences. And this pre-order form template takes care of it. The features of this template are extremely useful and smart. Read along to know more about it.

Accept Payments

The most important aspect of accepting pre-orders of your product is payments. To make things easier for you this pre-order form allows you to accept payments directly from the form itself as and when your customers fill it up. The template is integrated with Stripe. The template uses a secure https connection to keep your data safe. Besides, all the transitions are directly handled by Stripe.

Picture-Based Questions

Make your pre-order form more interactive and interesting. Use the picture-based question to add images of the choices you’re providing your customers with. This gives your customers a more clarity of the product. You use pictures from Unsplash or upload your own, customized images from your desktop.

Library of Question Types

Apart from the earlier mentioned type of questions, this pre order template comes with a plethora of other question types – from text type to contact form. Pick the most appropriate type of question based on the answer you’re expecting from your customers. This reduces the effort of your respondents and expedites the process of filling it up.

Multiple Sharing Option

Reach out to the maximum number of customers. Share this form over multiple channels from social media platform to emails, from SMSes to shareable links. Apart from these, you can even share QR codes with your customers too!

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