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Vacation Request Form Template

Why Use This Vacation Request Form Template?

More Features of Vacation Request Form Template

Organizations can use this vacation form for employees by SurveySparrow, to track and collect the responses from the employees. This template has a variety of features that can be used to customize the form according to the organization. Some features are listed below.

Personalize Survey

A personalized form will attract your employees and make it easy for them to complete the form. You can use the contact params to put user contact information into the survey, such as names, emails, or phone numbers. To personalize the vacation request form, you can also make use of expressions and customizable parameters.

Integrate With Apps

This employee vacation request form integrates with daily communication applications such as Slack and MS-Teams, making it easy for the organization to share the form and track the responses of the employees. You can also integrate this template with other applications such as Mailchimp,, Hubspot, and Zapier.

Google Sheet/MS Excel Integration

SurveySparrow’s integration with applications such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel allows you to create an excel sheet based on the number of leaves and the date of departure. The excel sheet makes it simple for the organization to generate a report and make necessary arrangements based on the responses received from the vacation request form.

Survey Themes

Employees who are planning a vacation will prefer to complete a well-designed survey rather than a monotonous poll. Surveysparrow provides a plethora of template options to enhance the look of vacation request template. You can optimize the background, CSS, graphics, and many more.

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