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Book Order Form Template

Features of this Book Order Form Template

Streamline book order, improve customer experience with this template


Who can use this Book Order Form Template


Independent Authors

The digital age has ushered in a surge of independent authors keen on self-publishing. The Book Order Template becomes their ally. By incorporating it on their personal websites or social media platforms, authors can manage pre-orders, regular sales, or even signed copy requests. It’s an excellent way to foster a direct connection with readers while managing sales effectively.

Local Bookstores

In a world of online giants, local bookstores have their unique charm. These stores can utilize the Order Form Template for online orders or home delivery requests. By doing so, they merge the charm of traditional browsing with the convenience of digital ordering, offering customers the best of both worlds.

Educational Institutions

Schools and colleges often need to procure textbooks or reference materials in bulk. The Book Order Template can simplify this bulk ordering process. Institutions can list required books, gather student orders, and coordinate seamlessly with suppliers, ensuring the timely availability of essential academic resources.

Book Fair Organizers

Organizing a book fair involves managing a plethora of titles and publishers. By using the Form Template, organizers can gather pre-fair orders, manage on-the-spot sales, or even facilitate post-fair deliveries. It’s a comprehensive solution that adds efficiency to the vibrant chaos of book fairs.


How can SurveySparrow simplify the book-ordering process


Stripe Integration for Payment

Integrate the Stripe payment gateway into your Book Order Form. Users can securely enter their credit card details directly into the form. Once the user submits the order form, the payment is processed in real-time using Stripe. Provide a confirmation message or email to the user upon successful payment.

Ticket Management

Generate a support ticket for each submitted order. Use the ticket system to communicate with customers, addressing queries or issues related to their orders. Monitor ticket statuses to ensure timely resolution and customer satisfaction.

Real Time Notifications

Trigger notifications for order confirmation, shipment updates, and other relevant events. Get email notification everytime the order form is submitted. Start processing the order right away, without wasting any time.

Multiple Sharing Options

Customers can place book orders in multiple ways. They can access this form through a link, QR code, or on a webpage. You can easily embed this form on a webpage either as a pop-up or inline. Change the look and feel of the form to blend with your website.

Skip/Display Logic for Categorical Orders

Classify books into categories and genres. Implement logic to display recommendations based on users’ previous answers. Include filters and sorting options (e.g., by author, genre, price) to help users find books more efficiently. Ensure that the form adapts its display based on user interactions, providing a personalized and streamlined experience.


Tips on creating engaging book order forms using SurveySparrow


  • Utilize Picture Choice Questions: Display your books effectively by using picture choice questions to showcase them visually, making the selection process more engaging for users.
  • Use Unsplash Images: Enhance the form’s visual appeal by accessing SurveySparrow’s inbuilt Unsplash library of images to create an attractive background.
  • Craft Catchy Messages: Capture users’ attention with a captivating welcome message and leave a positive impression with a thoughtful thank-you screen text.
  • Customize Form Layout: Optimize user experience by customizing the form into a single-page format for simplicity, or explore the chatbot feature to provide interactive and personalized assistance during the ordering process.

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