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Affiliate Sign Up Form Template

Looking for an easy-peasy way to onboard your new onboard affiliate partners to your team? Here you go – our Affiliate Sign Up Form Template! This form is short, crisp and can easily be shared over multiple channels making it even more easy for you to reach out to your respondents.

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Features of Affiliate Sign Up Form Template

Ease the process of onboarding affiliate partners with this Affiliate Sign Up Form Template

Like we said, this form can be customized according to your needs, so you can use it for your employees, clients or even vendors!

Multilingual Form

Your affiliate partner might just be comfortable with some other language, give them the freedom to answer in any language they’re comfortable with! This template supports over 50 languages and most importantly, it comes with an in-built google translator! You can also use the translator editor to preview and edit questions in other languages.

Voice Recording Feature

Give your affiliate partners the comfort of recording their answers instead of typing. Just turn on the voice transcription feature while you’re designing it. This will enable the microphone button for your respondents. They can simply click on the button and record their answers. It’s that simple!

Embedded Form

Make your form easily accessible by your partners. Embed your form on your website or share it with them over emails! The technicalities are taken care of by us, all you have to do is to generate the embed code once you’re done designing the form. And then, copy-paste the generated embed code to your destination! You can also embed the entire form using the inline embed feature. The process remains the same; you’ll just have to turn on the feature before generating the code.

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