Features of Student Interest Survey Template

More Features of Student Interest Survey Template

With SurveySparrow, this template helps to gain rich insights. You can ask open ended questions to gather all the qualitative data of the students and allot them to the courses of their interests. With this template you can track the responses, create excel sheets of all the students and generate reports.

Picture Based Questions

A good-looking and more engaging survey will make the students fill it with more enthusiasm. Use this feature to add picture-based options to this interest survey for elementary students. You can insert any picture based on the question asked. You can explore the Unsplash application to choose and upload any number of images to the survey.

Google Sheets and MS Excel

SurveySparrow with this integration in the survey lets you collect the responses directly into a google spreadsheets. Turn on the integration and understand the responses of every student with more clarity. The moment you link the student interest form with these applications, you can create excel sheets and generate insightful reports.

Logic Branching

Direct the respondents to relevant questions based on their previous answers. Turn on the skip logic and surf to the questions you want by skipping the questions which are not related to the options you selected. You can also use display logic in the student interest questionnaire and ask your students relevant questions to filter their responses more clearly.

Share it With Ease

Share your student interest questionnaire via email, SMS or web links. You can also use variable tags for the students while sharing the survey via email, the students name will be directly displayed the moment they open the mail. This feature makes the interest survey for students more accessible and increases the response rate.

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