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Employee Award Nomination Form Template

Features of Employee Award Nomination Form

Conversational Approach towards Employee Award Nominations

Collecting nominations for your best employee award in a conversational way using this employee award nomination form template.

Easy Shares

Send the employee award nomination form to your employees through various channels, including SMS with personalized messages, unique sharing web links, and QR codes. QR codes have become more valuable in recent years. Integrate the form with Slack, and MS Teams. Embed it inside an email. They can fill it right there without exiting the window.

Variety of themes

Get rid of those boring-looking forms. Use a variety of themes, vibrant colors, and font styles from our builder to make your forms visually appealing. You can also code the form background using an advanced CSS editor.

Display/Skip Logic

Enable Display/Skip logic to certain questions that are skippable. This makes your forms concise and employees will not feel bored filling them out as only relevant questions are asked. The questions will be displayed based on the responses to the previous questions. You can quickly bypass the Thank You page.

Send Reminders

Send automated reminders to non-responders and those who have filled the form partially. Configure the criteria and set the number of days cycle to send reminders. Customize the email content as you need and you’re done! SurveySparrow will take care of the rest.

Multi-Device Compatibility

The template works flawlessly on any screen size without any misalignments. Your employees can fill out the form on a tablet, laptop, desktop, or any other device.


How can SurveySparrow help with Employee Award Nominations?


SurveySparrow can greatly simplify the process of managing employee award nominations with its Employee Award Nomination Form Templates. Here’s how it works in detail:

Easy Template Customization

You can quickly customize the Employee Award Nomination Form Template to suit your organization’s specific award categories, criteria, and branding. Tailor the form to collect the necessary information such as nominee details, reasons for nomination, and supporting documents.

Effortless Nomination Submission

Employees can easily access and submit their nominations through the user-friendly online form. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork, making the process more efficient and eco-friendly.

Secure Data Collection

SurveySparrow ensures the security of the data collected. All information provided in the nomination forms is encrypted and stored securely, maintaining the confidentiality of the nominations.

Automated Workflows

You can set up automated workflows to route nominations to the appropriate review committee or decision-makers. This reduces administrative overhead and ensures that nominations are directed to the right individuals for evaluation.


Whether you have a small team or a large organization, SurveySparrow can handle your employee award nomination process. It can accommodate nominations from multiple departments or locations seamlessly.

Real-time Tracking

With SurveySparrow, you can track the status of nominations in real time. This means you’ll always know where each nomination stands in the evaluation process, reducing delays.

Notification Alerts

Automated email notifications can be set up to inform nominees, nominators, and reviewers about the status of nominations, deadlines, and awards ceremonies. This ensures everyone is kept in the loop.

Data Analysis and Reporting

SurveySparrow provides tools for data analysis and reporting. You can easily generate reports and gain insights into the nomination trends, helping you make informed decisions.



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