More Features of Event Registration Form Template

More Features of Event Registration Form Template

Customize this event registration form template using SurveySparrow form builder and use it to refine your event management lifecycle. Create custom lists, integrate with third party apps to trigger event notifications, and do more. Here’s a list of features that will help you.

Custom Lists

Segment your audience list as you want and create custom lists. Communicate with each segment differently. Update the lists by adding or removing contacts with no hassles. Maintain a well organized contact database for all your online or offline events.

Zapier Integration

Trigger email communications to the registrant immediately after completing registrations. Send event details like brochure, poster, or web link for online events. Set up an event lifecycle right from registration, to sending reminders, and then collect feedback post event

Stripe Integration

Collect payments for your events through registration form using a payment time question. We have integrated the platform with stripe, one of the most trusted payment platforms. The payment type question looks like a debit card. Registrants can enter their card details and make payments.

Conversational UI

With gifs, emojis, and interactive text messages make the registration process engaging for your audience. Create an impact by pulling your audience into the vibe right from the registration process. A well designed registration form using SurveySparrow speaks a lot!

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