Offline Survey App helps you conduct surveys even when there’s no internet.

Offline Survey App

Take your surveys anywhere, anytime without the internet using offline survey app. Provide a hassle-free survey experience to your clients using offline survey app.

Offline Surveys are great when you are collecting feedback at specific locations. Let's say you are a sales representative for a company who is gathering feedback from customers in a shopping mall. You request people to spend a minute to give you feedback, and some of them agree too. But internet connectivity issues and syncing problems delay the process tremendously and you have a bunch of not-so-pleased customers leaving. Dread such a situation? Don't worry, let us introduce an Offline Survey App that can save the day for you.

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What is an Offline Survey App

An Offline Survey App is a tool that can be used to collect data from users without requiring an internet connection. This approach allows you to gather data anytime, anywhere at your convenience and that of your user as well.

Once the offline survey is completed, the data is stored in the application. When an internet connection is established, the data is synced automatically to the online account or database.

This kind of backup which an offline survey app provides allows your user to have a hassle-free survey taking experience. While automatic syncing ensures no loss of data as well.

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Where are Offline Survey Apps Popularly Used

Offline Survey Apps are best suited to get relevant and accurate feedback at the point of contact with your audience.

Remote surveys: Assume you are doing a medical camp in a remote place where getting an internet connection is close to impossible. In such a case, Offline Survey Apps play a pivotal role in helping you collect feedback from your patients even in the absence of the internet. Once you are back, plug in the cable and sync all the data!

Customer Surveys : This is targeting the Point-of-Contact feedback. You can fetch customer feedback directly from your clients or customers about a product/service they just used by normally employing customer feedback tools. But in the absence of an active internet connection, an offline survey application will help you get live and quick reviews effortlessly.

Event Surveys: After conducting an event, if you wish to collect the opinions of the attendees, offline surveys are a great way to go about. Simply hand over the tablet to the attendee, and they can fill it up quick and easy. At events, people are more than willing to share their views on the event, what was amiss and what was praiseworthy, and of course, what could be done to make the event even better. These surveys are conducted right after the event which is fresh in their minds. This helps them to contribute more accurate responses which in turn gives you finer quality data and thereby better insights.

Market Research : Offline surveys are ideal for gathering useful information about a product that’s newly released or about to be released. Market research surveys help to observe the reaction of consumers as they use a particular product. It is the best way to reaffirm your survey results.

Walk-in Surveys: You wish to conduct a survey by interviewing and getting live feedback from your users. This is similar to an interview model where you question your users regarding your product/service, and they give you feedback immediately.

Lead Generation : Grab all your potential leads swiftly by asking a few questions. Nobody would be willing to wait around if your internet is adamant about running slow! So an offline survey app is the right approach to go by.

How Does an Offline Survey App Work

Offline Survey App has got multiple advantages, but the most crucial one is the independence it enjoys from an active internet connection. Offline surveys allow users to enter their responses anywhere and anytime. These are stored securely within the offline survey app. When a connection is established, this data is synced and uploaded to the database in the online account of the user.

Quick and efficient, Offline Survey App removes the fear of losing internet while the survey is active.

Wondering how an Offline Survey App works? Here's everything you need to know about an Offline Survey App's functionality.

What are the Benefits of Using an Offline Survey App

The first and the most obvious advantage is that you wouldn’t require an active Internet connection while the survey is being completed. This is extremely beneficial when you are working in any remote, interior location.

Most often, companies tend to lose valuable leads or feedback just because they weren’t able to provide a smooth survey experience. Internet connectivity issues and syncing problems are the biggest let-downs when you have convinced a customer to give you feedback.

Intercept surveys are best conducted by using Offline Survey Apps. Intercept surveys usually involve collecting feedback one-to-one from clients or users. These are generally done in public places like malls or showrooms where there is a direct interaction with the consumer. With Offline Survey Application, you can gain real-time feedback live from your audience. Their vibes can help you achieve a clearer perspective about what is good and what’s not, and you end up with more in-depth, richer survey insights.

Survey Fatigue is the ultimate buzzkill as far as Survey Completion Rates are concerned. People are always skeptical when they are requested to complete a survey online. And they leave at the first sign of discomfort. Offline Survey Apps guarantee a hassle-free experience to the survey takers by letting them finish their survey with minimum inconvenience.

This directly reflects as a steady increase in the completion rates.

Offline Survey App thus provides all the features of Online survey tools along with the advantages stated above.

When to Choose an Offline Survey App

Offline Survey Apps perform supremely well in various use case scenarios. Offline surveys are the best option when you don’t have an exceptionally long list of survey takers. A quick survey without a strict target audience is preferable in this case. Another instance of making use of offline survey apps is when you don’t want to annoy your customers with yet another round of feedback survey. Bombarding your customers with survey after survey will do more harm than any good.

If you wish to know a general review from a varied demographic audience, say regarding a new product which was launched in the market, offline surveys are the right way to go about. Directly approach the public, request their feedback, hand over your tablet device. A swift survey like this ensures high rates of completion as well.

Know what are the best scenarios to make use of an offline survey app.

How to Choose An Offline Survey App

When there are plenty of offline survey apps available, how do you choose the best one? Let us help you with this. Here are some features which an offline survey app must have up its sleeve.

Internet Independent

The first (and the obvious) feature an offline survey app must possess is the ability to function uninterrupted in the absence of an active internet connection. The responses are collected, stored, and transferred to the online database when a connection is established. Therefore, you can collect data without any worry!

Multi-device Compatible Surveys

The offline survey app you choose must offer surveys that are multi-device compatible surveys. As a result, the survey perfectly blends in well with any device you opt. Make sure you have device-friendly surveys that don’t make respondents scroll back & forth or up & down to answer one question.

Data Validation

Data validation feature comes handy to ensure the audience enters responses in the correct format. The app checks the answer entered, and if it doesn’t match the required format, a message displays informing the respondents on how correctly to enter it. For example, email addresses or number field; if an invalid email or a number out of a predefined range is entered, the validation fails. Therefore, you can avoid getting irrelevant responses.

Diverse Question Types & Logic Branching

Do ensure that the offline survey app you pick comes with various question types to choose from. This helps to create engaging surveys containing the right blend of open-ended and closed-ended questions. With conditional logic branching feature, the app analyzes the previous answers entered by respondents and decides which questions must follow next. As a result, only relevant questions are posed; the rest is skipped! Why ask a vegetarian their favorite type of meat?

Survey Personalization

An offline survey app with personalization features like question piping and custom parameters bring magic to your surveys. For instance, address your respondents by their first name and strike the right cord right from the beginning.

Dashboard To Analyze Results

An offline survey app must not only collect data for you but also analyze the results to give detailed reports. Gather rich insights and gain new views to understand the area under study better. Consequently, you can quickly identify blind spots and take immediate remedial measures.

SurveySparrow As Your Offline Survey App

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Smart & Personalized Surveys

With SurveySparrow, you can create smart and personalized offline surveys that take your data collection to a whole new level. With features like question piping, custom params, and contact params, you can create surveys that are just like personal interactions. Similarly, conditional logic branching features like skip logic and display logic help to pose only relevant questions to the respondents and hide the rest.

Advanced Reports Filters

SurveySparrow comes with a rich dashboard that furnishes detailed reports and gives you rich insights. With advanced reports filters, you can view precise responses based on specific categories like survey completeness, share methods, question & answers, and so on.

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Survey Themes

SurveySparrow brings you classy survey themes to make your surveys look stunning. The design of your surveys is entirely in your hands! The font, images, color combination, etc. The only thing that’s stopping you is your imagination!

Multi-compatible Surveys

With SurveySparrow, you can take surveys across any device. Multi-device compatibility feature takes care of this. Be it a tab, or mobile, created with SurveySparrow fits anywhere you plug it!

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