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Online Petition Form Template

This petition form template can be customized and used to collect online petitions for the cause you have initiated. The conversational interface makes it easy for the petitioners to fill in the details with their digital signatures.

Use This Template

Features of Online Petition Form Template

Gather supporters for your petitions with this form template

Benefits of this petition form template

QR Codes

Supporters can scan the QR code and access the form. This sharing feature gives you more ways to promote your cause. You can use the QR codes on your website, pamphlets, banners, or any other promotional materials. You can also use different QR codes for a single form and track the responses you got from each QR code.

Easy to Customize

With our drag and drop form builder, you can add or remove the form fields, move them to change the order. Add a background that goes with your cause. If you run an NGO, you can change your welcome screen logo, and button colors to blend with your brand. Make use of in-built unsplash image library to make your form engaging.

Google Sheet Integration

Connect your form with Google Sheets, and collect all responses in a single sheet. Use features of google sheet to manage large amount of data. You can also import the sheet into another data analysis software to understand the trends and demographics of your supporters. This information will help you make your campaigns more effective.

How to use this template?

Step 1: Customize

Tailor the form to match your brand, adjusting colors, fonts, and adding video backgrounds. Modify questions and use AI Wing for rephrasing; apply custom CSS for advanced customization.

Step 2: Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Connect to other apps like Google Sheets for organized data capture and Mailchimp for managing email lists. Integrate seamlessly for efficient data handling.

Step 3: Share

Distribute the questionnaire via direct link, SMS, email, social media, embed, and QR code. Ensure broad accessibility for comprehensive responses.

Step 4: Analyze Results

Export responses to CSV for offline analysis and use SurveySparrow’s dashboard for segmentation and visualization. Interpret feedback efficiently for data-driven decisions.

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