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Fashion Model Application Form Template

This customizable fashion model application form template is useful for casting and modeling agencies to take registrations for new models. With some tweaks, it can also be used as an audition registration form for advertisements or films. The applicants can easily fill it up without any hassles.

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Features of this Fashion Model Application Form Template

Manage Fashion Model Applications Effortlessly


Benefits of this Fashion Model Application Form Template


Conduct your casting calls with ease using this online fashion model application form. With the features of SurveySparrow, you can host this form on your websites, letting the modeling applicants have a great experience of filling out the form while you manage all the data with ease.

Easily Accessible

Make this form easily accessible to all aspiring models by embedding it on your agency website. You need not hire a coder to do it. SurveySparrow generates a code for you for either inline or pop-up embed. You just need to copy-paste on your The customization features in the builder will help you maintain a visual uniformity of the form with website design.

Third Party App Integrations

Organize all the responses in a Google sheet by just toggling on the integration. Immediately after any applicant fills out the form, the sheet gets updated. Navigating the sheet is also easy. You can access all your sheets directly in one place, on the integrate tab. Categorize the applicants and have a streamlined shortlisting process using the features of Google Sheets.

Comprehensive Contact Form

Collect contact information using a comprehensive contact form with all details like name, email ID, address, phone number, etc. You can also customize the contact form the way you want. Using a contact form makes the application for modeling concise and visually pleasing. It also enhances the form-filling experience as every detail can be filled right on a single screen.


The template design adjusts itself to any screen size without any distortion. Applicants can access the form through any device, laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Every question type is uniformly aligned according to the screen size without getting disoriented.

Logic Branching

While collecting the details from the models, ask only relevant questions using logic branching based on the details they enter. Based on the responses you can either skip or display questions. This also makes the form concise preventing from asking for unnecessary details.


Use Cases of Fashion Model Application Form Template


Fashion College Annual Show

This template can be of great help to fashion students for the annual fashion show that happens at graduation. Using this template, students can establish a complete signup system every year for models to participate from within or outside of the institution. It can easily be embedded on the institution’s website or sent out to other students via email or SMS. The unique part is that it can be customized to the design student’s preferences and specifications, making it easier for them to search for models perfect for their collection.

Charity Events

Annual charity events like the gala are held on a global scale. The template could be incorporated into the organization stage of these events. Celebrities who want to be a part of the event may fill out this form, and the collected data can then be used to gauge footfall each year. This data can be used for analyzing patterns and repetitions in trends over the years. Charity event organizers can benefit significantly from the right use of this form, as it would reduce costs and save the time and effort required to manually establish a regular invite system.

Marketing Campaigns

Fast fashion brands can hire models each season using this template to create stunning marketing campaigns frequently. They can specify new guidelines for the new collection each year so that they can hire models that align with those specifications. The data collected using this form can be downloaded in the form of reports, which can be analyzed to get certain models to return for the next campaign.

Fashion Film

Using this form, actors or models can apply to fashion films. Production houses can collect all the necessary information and even get a contract or agreement signed by models or actors using this form. They can embed it on their website, send it out to prospects via email or SMS, or keep it as an offline form to be filled out in person at their office. Instant notifications can be received as and when a candidate fills out the form, so it can be used to track the progress of applicants and put out further advertisements.


How to use this fashion model application form template



Begin by customizing your fashion model application form template. Our builder allows you to white label the form, ensuring it reflects your brand identity. Create a welcoming and engaging welcome page to introduce your fashion model application process. Design a compelling thank-you page that acknowledges respondents for their time. Utilize our versatile platform to choose from over 20 question types to create a comprehensive and insightful application form.


Seamlessly integrate your fashion model application form with various platforms and tools. SurveySparrow offers more than 10 integrations with popular tools like CRM systems, email marketing, and data analysis tools. Connect the application form with your CRM to automatically update candidate profiles or with your email marketing tool to nurture leads effectively.


Share your fashion model application form through multiple channels. SurveySparrow allows you to generate a shareable link for your form, making it easily accessible online. Send the application form to potential candidates via SMS or email to reach a wider audience. Generate a QR code for offline events or promotions, enabling interested individuals to access the application form effortlessly.


Collect and analyze responses with ease. The platform offers various export options, including exporting data to Google Sheets, making it simple to manage and process applicant information. Leverage our dashboard to filter and sort responses, helping you quickly identify suitable fashion model candidates. Observe demographic trends and insights from your applicant pool to make informed decisions about your model selection process.

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