Features of this Fashion Model Application Form Template

More Features of Fashion Model Application Form

Conduct your casting calls with ease using this online modelling application form. With the features of SurveySparrow, you can host this form on your websites, letting the modelling applicants have a great experience of filling the form while you manage all the data with ease.

Website Embed

Make this model application form easily accessible to all aspiring models by embedding it on your agency website. You need not hire a coder to do it. SurveySparrow generates a code for you for either inline or pop-up embed. You just need to copy-paste on your The customization features in the builder will help you maintain a visual uniformity of the form with website design.

Google Sheet Integration

Organize all the responses in a google sheet by just toggling on the integration. Immediately after any applicant fills out the form, the sheet gets updated. Navigating the sheet is also easy. You can access all your sheets directly in one place, on the integrate tab. Categorize the applicants and have a streamlined shortlisting process using the features of google sheets.

Comprehensive Contact Form

Collect contact information using a comprehensive contact form with all details like name, email id, address, phone number, etc. You can also customize the contact form the way you want. Using a contact form makes the application for modelling concise and visually pleasing. It also enhances the form filling experience as every detail can be filled right on a single screen.

Responsive for screen size

The template design adjusts itself to any screen size without any distortion. Applicants can access the form through any device, be it a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Every question type gets uniformly aligned according to the screen size without going ARR.

Logic Branching

While collecting the details from the models, ask only relevant questions using logic branching based on the details they enter. Based on the responses you can either skip or display questions. This also makes the model application form concise preventing from asking for unnecessary details.

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