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Event Planner Consultation Form Template

Use this event planner consultation form template to get detailed information on your client’s preferences for a wedding, birthday, or awards night. By clearly understanding your clients’ preferences and specifications, you can plan the perfect event every time.

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Features of Event Planner Consultation Form Template

Organize your events better with this Event Planner Consultation Form Template

Use Cases of Event Planner Consultation Form Template


Wedding Planning

Wedding planners can use the form to gather details about the couple’s vision for their special day, such as theme, colors, and style preferences; collect information on the guest list, budget, and preferred venue; and identify specific requirements for ceremonies, receptions, and related events. It would act as the first step to planning the perfect wedding. Including rank-order form questions to understand the couple’s preferences or stripe integration for payment of arrangements in advance will assure both the organizers and the couple.

Conference and Seminar Planning

The form could be used to collect information on the conference’s theme and objectives, gather details on the preferred date, venue, and technical requirements (e.g., AV equipment, internet access), identify branding and marketing requirements, including logos and promotional materials, or requirements for speakers, workshops, and breakout sessions. It would help organizers get the required information to prioritize the arrangements. The form can be quickly sent out to companies through email embedding, SMS, or website embedding.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade show organizers could use the form to gather information on preferred booth size and layout, identify any unique requests for promotional materials and giveaways, and gain an understanding of the sector or products on display. Organizers can also use the form to gather details about travel and accommodation preferences for trade show participants. The destination’s unique features, local attractions, or any cultural or logistical considerations can also be communicated through this form for the participants to be informed. Organizers can fill it out in any format, whether mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

Entertainment and Production

The form can be used for entertainment events to get information about the chosen type of entertainment (like a live band, DJ, or magician), technical needs for lighting and sound, special effects, or stage layout. With this information, event organizers could get in touch with the right vendors, suppliers, or partners based on the type of event, the number of people who will be attending, or the audience. Using the information in this template to help with entertainment event consultation would make things easier.

Benefits of the Event Planner Consultation Form Template


Multilingual Form

If your clients don’t speak your language, don’t let them go! Instead, try out our template because the platform supports over 50 languages and has an in-built Google translator. You can even use the translator editor to reframe or edit your questions in a specific language.

Personalized Form

Connect with your clients better and make your form more interactive. Add variables to your form and utilize the pipeline feature. This feature lets you add previous answers to your current ones, thus simulating a real-time conversation. This helps ensure that your clients feel important and trust you.

Assortment of Question Types

This event consultation form comes with a wide range of question types. Pick and choose the most suitable type for your form according to the answers you expect from your client. From open-ended text-based questions to email type, from date to contact form type, from phone number to date and time type – this template supports them all!

Enhanced Client Engagement

Planners can use the form to engage clients through an interactive and conversational interface. Our engaging design options make filling out the form a pleasant experience for clients, ensuring 40% higher completion rates and more accurate information. This insight can guide future event planning decisions, helping to tailor services more closely to the needs and desires of clients.

How to use the Event Planner Consultation Form Template



With SurveySparrow, you can add or modify questions to collect precisely the information you need about the event date, theme, guest count, or special requests. Personalize the look and feel of the form to align with your brand by changing fonts and themes, ensuring a professional and cohesive experience for your clients.


Seamlessly connect the form responses with your existing tools and software. We support integrations with popular CRM systems like Hubspot CRM, email marketing tools like MailChimp, and other productivity tools. This means the information collected from your clients can automatically flow into your planning documents or databases, saving time and reducing the risk of manual errors.


You can embed the form on your website and share it via email, QR code, or social media. We ensure that your form is responsive and accessible across all devices, making it easy for clients to fill it out whether they’re on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Also, export the data in PDF format for further analysis.


Utilize our built-in analytics feature with an executive dashboard to gain valuable insights from the responses. Understand your client’s preferences and requirements better by analyzing the data collected through the consultation form. This can help you make informed decisions, tailor your services more closely to client needs, and even identify trends that inform future event-planning strategies.



How does the form help in improving client satisfaction?

Using a detailed and user-friendly consultation form, you show your clients you’re professional and thorough. This first impression can significantly boost client confidence and satisfaction, setting the tone for a successful event-planning collaboration.

Can I update the consultation form template as my event planning services evolve?

Our user-friendly interface makes updating and adapting your form easy over time, ensuring it always meets your current needs and services.

How secure is client information collected through the form?

Very secure. SurveySparrow is GDPR compliant and adheres to strict data protection standards, ensuring all client information is securely stored and managed.

Can we schedule a follow-up based on the form responses?

With SurveySparrow’s automation features, you can set up automated emails or follow-up tasks based on specific responses. This ensures you can personalize your client’s journey and stay engaged with them throughout the planning process.

Is the form mobile-friendly?

We ensure that all forms are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Your clients can quickly fill out the consultation form on any device, increasing the likelihood of completion and accurate data collection.


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