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Sales Performance Review Template

Use this sales performance review template to design an in-depth sales performance evaluation form for your sales team. Help your sales team to evaluate where they lack and give them direction to enhance their productivity using this sales review template.

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Features of this Sales Performance Review Template

More Features of Sales Performance Review Template

You require productive reps. Your salespeople cannot be expected to call, close, and repeat. Use SurveySparrow and help your employees to understand the exact path for improvement, and set goals.

Embed the form!

If you have an employee management portal, you can embed your sales performance evaluation forms and allow your employees to access it whenever they need. You can do it either by inline embed or pop-up. All you have to do is generate the code, copy it, and paste it. Yes! It is that simple.

Display/Skip Logic

Ask only those questions that are relevant. Customize this sales performance evaluation form template with display and skip logic. You can specify whether a question should be shown or hidden based on previous responses from your respondents. This expedites the form-filling procedure.

Device Friendly

Allow your employees to complete this form using any device, a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This form looks good on all screen sizes. As a result, it is accessible at any time and from any location.

Share with Ease

Finding ways to share your forms with your employees is no longer difficult. Your forms can be delivered to them via SMS with a friendly, personalized message, unique web links, social sharing, and QR code.

Bucket of Question Types

Sales performance tracking necessitates the use of a variety of questions. As a result, you can tailor your questions from the questions library to your specific needs. Choose the questions based on your anticipated responses to make it easier for your employee.

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