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Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Features of Employee Of The Month Nomination Form

Use this Employee of the Month Nomination Form with SurveySparrow

This award is a badge of honor that employers give to specific employees to recognize their exceptional effort. SurveySparrow with this template makes it easy for the company to find the employee of the year. This employee nomination form has a set of features that can be used to customize the survey.

Personalized Form

A personalized form will make your employees feel more connected and make your relationship stronger. Use variable tags such as name, Phone Number, and email address. You can also use expressions and customized parameters to personalize the best nomination employee form.

Library of Question Types

This employee nomination form template has a variety of question types for you to pick from. Choose the question type based on the type of answers you expect from your employee to make it easy for them. This makes it easier for your employees and mitigates the time taken to fill out the form.

Smiley Ratings

Add rating questions to your employee recognition template with different smileys and emojis to understand their emotions better. This feature will make it intriguing for the employees to fill out the form. Based on the rating given to the employees, you can create a report for the recognition of the best employees for the year.

Conversational UI

Use this template to converse with your employees rather than just asking them to fill up a mundane questionnaire. Use emojis and messages to engage them and communicate with them better. Make the employee of the year nomination form look more engaging and interesting for the employees.


Use Cases: Employee of the Month Nomination Form Template


Employee Talent Recognition Programs

Employees and managers can use the template to nominate colleagues who have demonstrated exceptional performance, dedication, or contributions to the organization. Employee of the Month programs can aid in talent retention by showing employees that their hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. Employees often feel more valued and appreciated when their contributions are acknowledged. This recognition can make it more likely for top-performing employees to stay with the company.

Performance Evaluation

In addition to recognizing excellence, this form can serve as a feedback mechanism. Nominees may receive constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement from colleagues, which can be valuable for their professional growth. Some organizations can use this form as a component of their performance evaluation process. Managers and peers can nominate employees who have consistently excelled in their roles, and these nominations can be considered during annual or periodic performance reviews.

Promoting Organizational Values, Team Building and Camaraderie

Organizations can also use these nominations to promote and reinforce their core values. For example, an employee who embodies the company’s values of teamwork, integrity, or customer focus can be recognized for their commitment to these principles. Nominating employees for recognition can foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within the organization. Employees may feel more connected and motivated to collaborate when they see their colleagues receiving recognition.

Customer Service Excellence

In industries where customer service is critical, such as retail or hospitality, such programs can be used to reward and highlight employees who consistently provide exceptional service to customers. Both coworkers and service clients can independently fill out the customized performance assessment form, which can be based on a variety of parameters and observations. It can be sent to team members as well as customers on a regular basis at certain intervals or after the completion of certain projects; this would ensure consistent feedback.

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