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Workplace Incident Report Form Template

Features of this Workplace Incident Report Form Template.

More Features of Workplace Incident Report Form Template

SurveySparrow gives you more than just a workplace incident report form template. Unlike just a pdf incident report form, our form comes with amazing features that make it easy to fill for the employees and easy to manage data for HRs

Anonymous Responses

This incident report form template can be used to report physical injuries caused by accidents, employee misbehavior, or any other damages in workplace premises. In many sensitive cases, the employee may not want to reveal his/her identity. The anonymous response feature will keep the employee details hidden, keeping their privacy intact. Using an anonymous incident report form, you can ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Voice Transcription

For classic forms, SurveySparrow supports voice transcription for open-ended questions. This feature is helpful for workplace incident report forms in situations of urgency. The employee may not have time to type the entire incident. In such cases, they record the incident by narrating it. HRs will get notified immediately and can take immediate action.

Generate Workplace Incident Reports in PDF

All the collected responses from this hazard report form can be exported in printable PDF format along with graphs, widgets, and charts. These employee incident reports can be used to tackle incidents on priority levels and understand the nature of incidents reported in more numbers. In serious situations, HRs can also set up a team to handle specific incidents.

Customize as you want

You can design this workplace incident report template how you want. Add your brand as your company’s background picture or a video clip. You can choose the color of text and text boxes to match them to your brand. There is also an advanced CSS editor using which you can code your background. With our custom URL feature, you can also have your brand name in the URL. If you share this form through an email, you can add personalized email to every employee.

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