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Soft Skills Assessment Questionnaire Template

Features of Soft Skills Assessment Questionnaire Template

Understand the soft skills of your employees with our Soft Skills Assessment Questionnaire

This soft skills assessment questionnaire will never let you or your employees down, for it is super rich in features. These incredible features will help you make the best use of this questionnaire and improve work productivity.

Customized Surveys

Impressive skills are hard to resist. So are beautiful and personalized surveys. Choose a favorite theme from the vast collection, or design your ​​soft skills assessments from scratch by experimenting with attractive colors and backgrounds. Reach for more and code your assessments to perfection by using CSS customizations. Add variables such as your respondents’ names or use answer piping to delve deeper into their responses. Make the best use of skip and display logics and add to the personalizations. You can also add videos or images in the background to make them look more attractive.


Allow your employees to take their soft skills evaluations on the device of their own choice. Be it smartphones, tablets, personal computers, or laptops, leave the answering part to them. This improved flexibility ensures active participation, which leads to higher survey response and completion rates. Candidates can take and complete the assessment according to their convenience and time without facing any limitations. You see them coming back to gauge their competencies at regular intervals. Ensure device compatibility and achieve more. A win-win for all!

Multiple Sharing Options

Yet another excellent feature you get is the ability to distribute your soft skills assessment tests through multiple platforms. If you have all your employees on a single portal, you could use the portal share to ensure that it reaches everyone. You could also ensure the SMS or email share in case you’re an independent entity or prefer those channels. Placing QR codes where your audience hangs out is yet another way you could get these assessments out. URL shares or social media shares could also help you distribute them easily.

Automated Reminders

It is likely that employees or any other candidates have a lot going on in their lives, which may hinder them from completing a soft skills assessment test. SurveySparrow’s automations are your perfect solution to such woes. By enabling automated reminders, you can send pre-determined reminder emails to participants who have yet to take the assessment or have incomplete responses. This helps you fulfill the mission behind initiating the assessment and also allows candidates get the best out of it. Way to go, automation!

Library of Question Types

Assessing soft skills requires carefully crafted questions to allow candidates to think and respond honestly. Such a strategy facilitates the need for several question types. Unlike traditional survey platforms, SurveySparrow has many advanced question types such as multiple choice, matrix, picture choice, drop-down, heatmap, and more. Create your surveys to perfection by using multiple question types and get access to deep insights. Asking the right questions the right way, always!


Use Cases: Soft Skills Assessment Questionnaire Template


Human Resource Management

Hiring and Recruitment: The questionnaire can be an important part of the job application and interview process to assess a candidate’s communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, and interpersonal skills. This can help in selecting the right fit for a job role, especially in customer service, management, or team-based positions.

Cultural Fit Assessment: Organizations can use the questionnaire to evaluate how well a potential employee aligns with the company culture and values by assessing their soft skills and compatibility with the existing team.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service Improvement: Assessing the soft skills of customer-facing employees to enhance customer service quality can result in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, and this form can act as a stepping stone in doing so.

Sales and CRM: It would help in assessing the soft skills of sales and customer service professionals to determine their ability to build rapport, understand customer needs, and maintain strong client relationships. It can also be integrated with CRM software like HubSpot, Salesforce,  and many more for seamless information flow and maintaining a feedback loop.

Education and Teaching

Learning: Educational institutions can use this questionnaire to evaluate and teach soft skills to students, helping them prepare for the job market and personal growth.

Mentorship Programs: In mentorship programs, mentors can use the questionnaire to assess the soft skills of their mentees, enabling them to provide more targeted guidance and support.

Personal Development: Individuals can use a self-assessment version of the template to understand their own soft skills strengths and weaknesses. This self-reflection can help in personal growth and improvement. Question types like constant sum can be used to calculate scores on the spot for these evaluations.

Employee Development

Team Building: Companies can use the questionnaire to assess the soft skills of team members and then create teams with complementary skills. This can enhance collaboration, communication, and problem-solving within the team.

Leadership Development: Evaluating the soft skills of potential leaders or managers within an organization to identify individuals with strong leadership potential would help to provide targeted leadership development programs.

Training and workshops: Customizing the questionnaire for training needs analysis can guide training and development programs, helping employees enhance their skills, such as leadership, conflict resolution, and time management.

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