Feature of this employee training checklist template

More Features of Employee Training Checklist Template

As said, don’t wait for the last minute rush for your employee training checklist. Make it conversational to get ready to receive the responses you need. Let’s get introduced with some of our features .

Display/Skip Logic

Instead of bombarding with irrelevant questions, narrow your training checklist to relevant and relative ones. Use Skip/Display logic to show or hide a question based on previous responses. This speeds up the form-filling process.

Multi-Channel Survey Share

Employees can receive your new employee training checklist via SMS, which includes a personalized message, various unique web links, social sharing, and QR code generation. It will make your forms more accessible to those who must respond to them.

Notification via email

If you use this template, you will no longer have to be concerned about whoever filled out your forms. You will be able to receive email notifications for the same by using this basic training checklist, which will eliminate the time-consuming task of constantly checking the dashboard for notifications. So take a deep breath and keep your chin up.

Library of Question Types

You may need to include a variety of questions for various types of responses. We have a bucket of question types, so you can tailor your questions to your needs. Choose the right question type to collect based on the type of check to be performed. You can mostly use Yes/No question type, but in case you need a third option use multiple choice questions for your new hire training checklist template.

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