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Hotel Guest Registration Form Template

This hotel guest registration form template is designed for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality-related businesses to streamline guest registrations. Its intuitive form interface makes it easy for the guests to fill it up. The customization features help you to show your brand on the form.

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Features of the Hotel Guest Registration Form Template

Manage guest registrations easily using this form template

Benefits of the Hotel Guest Registration Form Template

Conversational Interface

Make it easy for your guests to fill the form using the conversational features of SurveySparrow. Use emojis, gifs, pictures, skip/display logic, and more to converse with the guests while collecting their details. This makes the process personalized with a human touch.

Easy Customization

With our drag-and-drop form builder, customize the template to suit your needs. Keep your hotel’s logo, colors, and fonts consistent to blend your form’s look with your hotel’s brand identity. Get a custom URL for your form to look authentic and build trust. Build both single-page and multi-page hotel registration forms.

20+ Form Field Types

Collect information in the required format using different field types. Use multiple choice, open-ended, yes-no, email, phone number, and more field types to collect comprehensive information from the guest. Collecting information in different formats helps in segmenting your guests better.

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Connect with other tools

Make your data management process simple by integrating SurveySparrow with third-party tools. Our platform supports integration with Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and more. Organize data better with Google Sheets, and manage email marketing campaigns to build customer loyalty using Malchimp.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share your forms through email, and direct links, or embed them on your hotel’s website or app. This flexibility helps you to make the form easily accessible to your guests or clients. You can also generate QR codes for quick and convenient access.

130+ Languages Supported

With an inbuilt Google Translator, You can translate the form into more than 130 languages in a few clicks. This feature is useful for global brands in the hospitality industry. Create one form and use it across all your hotels.

Use it Offline 

You can collect guest registrations using kiosks, tablets, or any other offline device. Install SurveySparrow app on your offline devices and start collecting registrations without internet connections. Kiosks can help you to simplify registrations when the receptionist is engaged in addressing other customer issues.

Collect payments with Stripe

Add a payment field in the form and connect your SurveySparrow account with your Stripe account. Collect registration fees for room bookings, food, and other services through the form. Stripe is one of the most secure payment platforms.

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How to Use this Hotel Guest Registration Form Template

Step 1: Customize the Template

Start by designing the form to suit your needs and reflect your hotel’s identity. Add your hotel logo and adjust the colors. Consider whether a multi-page or single-page form best suits your needs. Custom CSS can be applied to further personalize the form.

Step 2: Connect with other tools

Connect your form to 20+ tools in just a few clicks. Perform a wide range of tasks right from organizing your data, analyzing it, sending follow-up surveys to your guests for feedback, newsletters and other updates, and more!

Step 3: Share the Form

Share the form through various channels for maximum reach. Options include a QR code for easy scanning, sending it via text message or email, embedding it on a dedicated landing page, or sharing it across social media platforms.

Step 4: Analyze

Download reports to gain insights into registration trends, and demographic information. Use various graphs and widgets to visualize the data and get actionable insights.

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