Features of Doctor Appointment Chatbot

More features of Doctor Appointment Chatbot

A doctor’s consultation is not only listening to a patient’s condition and giving them recommended medications. But it should also be two-way communication. Using this doctor appointment scheduling template, let your patients be aware that they are part of an interactive discussion and collect the essential information with relevant questions. Embed your doctor chatbot wherever you want on your website/app.

Funnel with Bucketful of Features

Knowing your patients might entail a lot of data collecting. Better to ask questions that are related to the prior ones they replied to. Display/Skip logic and custom parameters assist you in directing your patients to the correct appointment destination. Understand their requirements and give unparalleled services to your patients.

Collect Data with Ease

When requesting an appointment, your patients would be annoyed if they were diverted to another path. SurveySparrow made this job easier by eliminating redirection, resulting in delighted clients. This single chatbot handles everything from obtaining patients’ names to emails and phone numbers. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Pop-up Cards

Pop-up cards can be auto-triggered and view just one question at a time. Choose whether to show the card as they scroll or set a timeframe for the hospital appointment chatbot to appear when your patients visit your website or use your app. Customize the position of the widget, add a label, and begin with the first question… the choices are all yours.

Choose from Library of Integrations

Allow your brain to rest in preparation for new creative endeavors. SurveySparrow handles your tasks with comprehensive integrations for your convenience. You can use as many integrations as you like with a single toggle.

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