Features of Soccer Evaluation Form Template

More Features of Soccer Player Evaluation Form Template

Selecting a high school football player for your club? Or picking the best ones within your association? Never mind! We’ve designed this Soccer Player Evaluation Form Template to cater to all your needs. Beside being user-friendly, this football player evaluation form is smart and doesn’t contain any jibber-jabber to avoid distraction. It comes with many other features to make your selection process easier.

Accept Signature

Once the player evaluation is completed, it is important to note the details of the evaluator and get the document signed to avoid any confusion going further. So, we’ve equipped this template with a signature question type to let your evaluator sign the form immediately. This question type gives the leverage to upload, type or draw one’s signature.

White-Labeled Form

Your form should speak about your club. Isn’t it? We understand it hence, this soccer assessment form template can white-labeled easily in just a couple of clicks. It allows you to add your logo, add images and videos of your choice, use fonts and colors to meet your brand standards, it even allows you to host the form on your customized URL with secured connection!

Embedded Form

Embed your form on your emails or website effortlessly. The inline embed feature enables you to place the entire form anywhere on your website or emails. Besides, you can also embed just the first question and redirect your evaluator to the entire form on a separate page. Generate the required code and copy paste it – it’s that simple!

Personalized Form

A personalized form always makes you feel better. Doesn’t it? Then why should this template be any less? Use customized variables and expressions in your form and make it personalized. This makes your respondent feel as if someone is interacting with them in person, thus ensuring that your respondent is attentive while filling up the form.

Library of Question Types

Apart from the signature type there are many other types of questions based on your needs. Pick up the most appropriate one based on the response expected from your evaluator and reduce their effort of typing long sentences eventually shorten the turnaround time.

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