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Physical Health Questionnaire For Students

Why Choose Our Physical Health Questionnaire For Students?

More Features of Physical Health Questionnaire For Students

Collect information using this physical health questionnaire for students and use SurveySparrow to save the data in the dashboard, analyze it, and understand your students’ health better. Provide the care they need and create a trustworthy bond with your students. The following features will help you in the process,

Completely Customizable

Using our builder, customize the physical health questionnaire the way you want. Add or remove the questions, change the background, use our pre-designed themes or code your own background using advanced CSS editor. Using the colors and background that goes with your institutions’ brand makes your questionnaire brand friendly.

Sentiment Analysis

Enable sentiment analysis for open ended questions and get to know what health concerns the majority of your students are going through. Sentiment analysis generates word cloud which help you to pinpoint on a few specific words.

Google Sheet Integration

Export all the responses into a google sheet in real time and use it as a database of information. Sort, analyze the data using features of sheets. To do this, you need to only toggle ON the google sheet integration and the sheet will be accessible in the integration tab.

Interactive User Interface

With different question types, gifs, images, emojis, have conversations with students through this health survey questionnaire. Get better answers, that will help you understand your students health profile. You can build a caring environment for them.

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