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User Experience Survey Template

If you need to know how users interact with your product, website, app, or service, this user experience survey template is the perfect place to start. It has 10 essential questions that you can customize or expand on, and covers usability, content and design, functionality, and user needs. 

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Why use our User Experience Survey Template?

Uncover what the users need with the User Experience Survey Template


Use cases of a user experience survey


Product Feedback and Improvement

User experience survey questions can help you gather gather feedback on specific features, functionalities, and overall usability of a product.  As a result, product development teams learn about the areas where they can do better, identify any hidden issues, or prioritize certain feature enhancements.

Website/App Usability Evaluation

Edit some questions to test specific actions users might take on your website or app. For example, instead of “On a scale of 1 to 5, how easy was it to find and use our features?”, you could ask “How easy was it to find the contact information on our website?” (on a 1-5 scale). You should also include questions about navigation as smooth navigation is crucial for a website or an app.

Customer Onboarding Experience

Trigger the survey shortly after a user completes the onboarding process, when the experience is still fresh in their mind. Focus on these 4 areas: account setup, feature access, support access, and understanding product functionality. In addition, ask about users’ expectations going into the onboarding process. For eg., “What were you hoping to get out of the onboarding process?” This sets a baseline and helps you understand if their needs were met.

Customer Support Satisfaction

Triggering a survey after customer support interactions lets you understand the effectiveness, responsiveness, and helpfulness of your support teams.  Two key areas to focus on are the helpfulness of the interaction, and how effectively the issue was resolved. Consider replacing the NPS® question with one that measures the Customer Effort Score (CES). CES gauges how much effort a customer had to use to get their issue resolved.

Post-Purchase Experience Assessment

After customers make a purchase, share a UX survey to assess their overall satisfaction with the buying process, product delivery, and post-purchase support. Trigger the survey after the customer has had some time to use or experience the product they purchased, and tailor the questions to their specific product.

Beta Testing and Prototype Evaluation

Before launching a new product or feature, organizations can use UX surveys to gather feedback from beta testers or participants in prototype testing. This feedback helps identify usability issues, gauge user preferences, and validate design decisions before the product is released to a wider audience. As  result, you get a more polished and user-friendly final product.


Why is this form useful for usability testers?


Multi-Device Compatibility

Ensure your UX questionnaire is accessible across devices, allowing customers to provide feedback conveniently, anywhere, anytime. SurveySparrow prioritizes mobile-first compatibility, enhancing user comfort and accessibility on various devices.

Conversational UI

Hook users with interactive questions. Make your forms more lively with emojis, GIFs and videos. Use the chat-like interface – available as both single page and multi-page forms – to boost response rates by 40%. Make the survey experience fun for respondents and get the kind of feedback you need.

Recurrent Surveys

Get insights consistently into your user experience as it changes over time. Set recurring email surveys to weekly, monthly or a yearly frequency. Compare the results as they evolve, and fine-tune your experience to keep up with the trends.

Customizations and Themes

Style your survey with a variety of themes, font styles and color palettes. Take the branding up a notch with advanced CSS, insert progress bars, tweak question, answer and button colors, and much more.

Flexible Survey Shares

Expand your reach through multiple sharing channels, including SMS with personalized messages, unique web links, embedded pop-up cards or chatbots, social sharing, and QR codes. You can choose to pause, edit or delete any survey share, ensuring you have full control when your survey is live, and where.

Survey Triggers

Trigger surveys at key interactions within the user journey – such as onboarding, task completion, feature usage, and customer support interactions. Then create focused improvements to improve the experience at each touchpoint.

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