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60+ User Experience Survey Questions & Free UX Survey Template


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10 July 2024

5 min read

Looking to understand the “Why” behind your users’ behavior within your app? Need some sample user experience (UX) survey questions to customize and include in your own UX questionnaire?

In this article, you’ll learn what a UX survey is, the best user experience survey questions you can ask your users,  and the best practices for creating an effective UX questionnaire, along with a user satisfaction survey example template that you can use for free.

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Okay, now here’s everything we’ll cover. Use the links below to jump to a section that’s relevant to you:

What is a UX survey?

User research is essential when designing a new product or redesigning an existing one. You need to learn what works (and what doesn’t) to make UX changes and improve your UX.

A UX survey lets you gather quantitative and qualitative data about your users’ interactions and experiences within your app or software. You can gain a better understanding of why they started using your app, quickly gather feedback on a new, beta product, and gauge their overall satisfaction with your app.

That said, UX surveys, while helpful for gathering insights on user interactions and experiences, may not provide comprehensive information about user behavior, usability problems, or user needs and pain points, which can be better addressed through dedicated UX services such as user testing and usability studies.

60+ User Experience Survey Questions to Ask Your Users

Here are the UX survey questions to include in your UX questionnaire:

General Usability and Experience

  • I understand what {product or app name} does.
  • I know how to use {product or app name}.
  • How useful is our product to you?
  • Tell us about your experience using {product or app name}.
  • How would you rate the user-friendliness of {product or app name} interface?
  • Overall, how easy to use do you find {product or app name}?
  • What do you find most frustrating about {product or app name}?

Feedback on Specific Features

  • The usage of terms throughout the app is consistent.
  • The positioning of messages across the screen is consistent.
  • The prompts displayed for inputs are clear.
  • Our app informs you about the progress of a task.
  • The error messages displayed are helpful.

Design and Aesthetics

  • How would you rate the interface design of our app?
  • I like the way this app looks.
  • Is it easy to find what you’re looking for in the main navigation menu?
  • Engagement and Usage Frequency:
  • How often do you use our product?
  • What features do you use the most on the app?
  • Comparative and Competitive Analysis:
  • How does {app or product name} compare to {competitor}?
  • Which of our competitors did you consider before choosing us?
  • Why choose us over competitors?

 User Satisfaction Survey Questions

  • Considering that you’ve used our interface extensively, how likely are you to recommend it to your friends and colleagues?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would your use of our app be impacted by {feature or update}?
  • If you are unhappy with {product or app name}, what can we do to get you to come back?
  • What was the one time you found our app to be highly satisfying?

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User Satisfaction Survey Template

Improvements and Suggestions

  • How would you rate the usability of our app? Why?
  • What would it be if you could improve one thing about the app?
  • What is the one thing you wish the app could do that it doesn’t already?
  • How can we improve {product or app name}? Send us your suggestions and ideas.


  • What comes to your mind when considering {product or app name}?
  • Anything else you want to share or get off your chest?

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5 UX Survey Best Practices

Here are some best practices to follow when designing your UX questionnaire:

Have a goal

The first step is to define a goal for your UX survey. What aspects of your product or design are you looking to improve? What are you trying to learn about your users?

Keep it short and relevant

Make your UX surveys as quick and easy to complete as possible. Ask only those questions that would help you learn something that’s relevant to the goal of your survey

Check for bias

Ask neutral questions and avoid the leading ones. Check for certain phrases or words in a question that might force the respondent to pick a particular answer.

Keep it clear and transparent

Avoid jargon, acronyms, and terms your audience might not be familiar with. Also, tell them what you intend to collect with your survey and how you would use their data.

Provide incentives

If you want most of your user base to take your survey, you should provide financial incentives. Incentives are a great way to get more respondents and improve completion rates.

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Final thoughts

UX surveys help you gain insights into your product’s usability and your users’ overall experience. When done right, they will help you design a better product that helps your users accomplish their goals more efficiently. Use only the user experience survey questions examples that would help you achieve your UX survey’s goal. We hope this article will help you create a better UX questionnaire.

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Have you got any questions on UX surveys? Got any interesting tips or hacks for creating effective UX surveys? Let us know in the comment section below.

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