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Strategic Planning Questionnaire Template

Features of Strategic Planning Questionnaire Template

Get detailed insights easily with this Strategic Planning Questionnaire Template

This questionnaire template is designed with the best survey questions, but you can customize the questionnaire according to your needs.

Sort Your Data

Keep track of your growth. Compare responses from previous surveys. Avail the features like cross tabulation and advanced reports filter. While the cross tabulation feature lets you compare and contrast responses, the advanced reports filter lets you sort your data based on questions, answers, period, etc.

Voice Recording Feature

Take detailed suggestions from your respondents. But it becomes monotonous for them to type it all. So, we’ve come with the voice transcription feature, which lets them record their answers. While designing the questionnaire, turn on the voice transcription feature. This will enable the microphone button for your respondents and then they can click on the button to record their answers.

Embedded Questionnaire

Make your questionnaire easily accessible to your respondents. Embed it on your website or emails. Once you’re done building the questionnaire, generate the embed code. Then, copy and paste the generated code to the destination. You can also choose to inline embed the questionnaire. For that, you just have to turn on the inline embed button before generating the code.

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