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Diet & Exercise Survey Template

Features of Diet and Exercise Survey Template

Simplify the process of collecting fitness data with this Diet and Exercise Survey Template!

This template has more to offer and can be tailor-made just like the plan you provide to your clients.

Multilingual Form

That’s right! This diet survey template comes with an in-built google translator and supports over 50 languages. So, your clients can take the survey in the language they’re comfortable with thus providing you with clear answers.

Voice Recording Feature

Turn on the voice transcription feature for open ended questions. This in turn will enable the microphone button for your respondent. They can click on the button and record their answers instead of typing out long sentences.

Embedded Form

Embed your survey on your website or email easily. Turn on the inline embed feature once you’re done designing it. Copy the embed code and paste it to your destination. The rest of the technical aspects are taken care of by us!

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