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Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template

Why use our Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template?

Get actionable insights on your stakeholder's satisfaction levels,

Diverse Question Types

The platform supports multiple question formats, including Multiple Choice, Open-ended, Rating Scales with interactive elements like smileys, and Likert Scales with sliders. These options allow stakeholders to provide feedback in their preferred format, ensuring comprehensive and meaningful responses.

Data Analysis with Dashboards

The platform provides dashboards with graphical representations of survey data. These include Bar Charts for category comparisons, Pie Charts to illustrate response distribution, and Line Charts to show trends over time. These visualizations aid stakeholders and decision-makers in quickly interpreting data, spotting key trends, and making decisions to boost satisfaction.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis assesses the emotional tone of responses, distinguishing between positive, negative, or neutral sentiments in open-ended feedback. This offers deeper insights into stakeholders’ feelings and perceptions.

Automated Reminders for Increased Response Rates

The platform enables setting automated reminders for partial or non-responders. These reminders, sent at specified intervals, encourage completion and ensure more comprehensive feedback collection.

Regular Feedback with Recurring Surveys

The template allows for scheduling recurring surveys, automatically sent at predefined intervals. This is crucial for monitoring changes in stakeholder satisfaction over time, identifying trends, and assessing the impact of any changes or initiatives.

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