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Brand Sentiment Survey Template

Exciting features that come with our Brand Sentiment Survey Template

Gauge sentiments easily with this Brand Sentiment Survey Template

Knowing what your brand means to your customers helps you build and manage your reputation. Tip sentiment scales in your favor with these additional features.

Sentiment Analysis

Captured all the sentiments, but too much effort to analyze them? Well, sentiment analysis lets you decode your customer’s brand sentiment easily. Positive, harmful, or neutral – knowing is easy with easy filters. Get quick insights from their deep insights using word cloud for text-based questions. Gauge loyalty, initiate fixes before escalations, and stay with them for the long run!

Customer Journey Map

The ability to visualize your favorite shopper’s whole journey with your business can help you soar to greater heights. Use these brand sentiment survey questions to closely understand the attitude of customers towards your brand after even the minutest of interactions. Compare different touchpoints, compile big data, slice and dice, and give your brand the makeover customers want.

White-labeled forms

Let your surveys genuinely reflect your image with end-to-end white-labeling. Grow your reputation, improve brand awareness, and nurture trust and loyalty with each interaction. You also get the added advantage of securing higher response and completion rates. From custom domains to fonts and color palettes, go for the whole package and win their hearts!

Audience Management

Already have a list of your clientele elsewhere? Import customer details quickly from popular tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Contacts. Download the details via CSV or Excel in one go. You can even send surveys to a select audience by categorizing contacts into particular groups. Huge and scattered lists, no more a challenge!

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