Features of Film Crew Release Form Template

Secure your rights to distribute and exhibit easily with this Film Crew Release Form Template

Looking for more reasons? Read along to know how you can use this crew release form for film production to make things more smooth for you!

Terms & Conditions Question type

The most important aspect of this crew release form is to get consent from your crew and ensure that they don’t have any issues with the showcasing of the film over various mediums. And we’ve made it easy for you to get consent. Add the Terms & Conditions question type to your form to easily specify your terms. And your respondents can easily agree to them just by clicking on the checkbox.

Collect Signature

A self attested form is very crucial in this case to seal the deal between you and your crew. You need not wait for the signatures. Get them on the go while the form is being filled. Just add the signature question type to your form and accept signatures. This question type lets your respondent draw, upload or type their signatures out!

Tailor-Made Themes

Aesthetics matter and so we’ve already designed a bunch of themes for your form. But, in case you don’t like much, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Simply pick a theme and customize it to make your own theme. You can add colors, images, play around with the fonts – this template supports it all!

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