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Supervisor Evaluation Form Template

Why use this Supervisor Evaluation Form Template?

More Features of Supervisor Evaluation Form Template

Collect supervisor evaluations from your employees, have one to one with your supervisors, have focussed discussions, and help them overcome their pitfalls and grow. Customize this supervisor evaluation form template according to your needs and share. Here are a few more features that’ll be of help.

Library of Question Types

With a variety of question types, you can collect feedback on different aspects. Use rank based question, matrix type question, slider type question, picture choice questions, to make the questionnaire more engaging. Collect a comprehensive evaluation using different supervisor evaluation questions.

White Labeled Form

Own this boss evaluation form with our white labeling features. Customize the form to its entirety. Use your own background for supervisor review form, replace SurveySparrow logo with your own brand, customize the font, and get your own custom link. Having your company name in the link makes it look more authentic.

Set Reminders

Increase response rate by setting reminders for non or partial respondents. Employees tend to forget to respond to evaluations. Get rid of sending reminders manually by setting up in the platform. Configure the frequency and time interval between the reminders, that’s it. SurveySparrow sends email reminders to the employees. You can customize the email content.

Executive Dashboard

Visualize data and get insights. Use graphs, widgets, charts, and other dashboard features to view data from different perspectives. Share with your team members and collaborate. Export filtered reports.

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