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Film Location Release Form Template

Features of Film Location Release Form Template

Secure your filming locations easily with this Film Location Release Form Template

We’ve designed this form keeping films in mind, but you can tweak it around to use it for other shoots like music videos, photography, documentary.

Multilingual Form

It’s okay if your property owner doesn’t speak your language. You can still send them the form and secure yourself. This form template supports over 50 languages and comes with an inbuilt google translator! You can also use the translator editor to frame your question in a specific language and communicate better!

Terms & Conditions Question Type

The most important section of this form is agreeing to the terms and conditions. We’ve made it easy for you. Add the Terms & Conditions question type to your form. Specify your terms and your respondent can easily agree to them by clicking on the checkbox!

Signed Form

Get the signature of your respondent on the form easily. Add the Signature question type to your form to accept signatures on the go. This question type allows your respondent to either draw, upload, type out their signature. Convenient isn’t it?

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